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Oh we while we may we may be on a on a different version of the story there bryan a group of children discovered on on how cruel nature could be after their mother released into the wild so here's the deal families in shock they raised this little butterfly it starts as a little caterpillar turns into a cocoon other cocoon and then they're going to release it into the wild take out the video camera i see here we go woman carefully opens allowing the butterfly to spread its wings and make its first journey into the wild but horror strikes dr moments after the creature is set free the family dog pops up and snatches the insect in its mouth in front of the children who can be heard screaming and crying only one night i didn't hurt surreal audio the one that was another one we had it was somebody it was like they nursed of what we've seen a couple of times somebody they nurse this this little seal back to health that had you know got caught in an oil spill something like that they'd here's the seal back to health and now they're releasing it back into the into the ocean and everybody's there and they're cheering on the seal that they dame the seal all right sealy go go live go live with the ocean enemy added nowhere the just john's came to live we had another one with like it was humming bird or something like that on they released the humming bird all croke cup my snatches it up there are two that i've seen but they aren't like nursing back to life stories i've seen the wedding that was too hot outside and they gave all the guests box with a butterfly in it and they all open the boxes and all the butterflies were dead so none of them flew away and then there was another one for this i don't know who the funeral was four but for the funeral they were doing it as someone who had died in a car accident so they were doing this roadside memorial and they had like a bunch of friends and family there and they released a dove i'm not kiss i'm not with you i saw that they let go of the dove the.

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