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My home city. Okay. Well, the things that we would definitely want to avoid is you mentioned a lot of the different meat things. Many of those we will want to avoid. The things we use in a pinch for a pet that's on a diet like SO would be eggs, we can use eggs or chicken. But we stay away from a lot of the heavier meats. And you mentioned vegetables and fruits and so there are some fruits and vegetables we can use that are appropriate along with this diet. I'll often recommend bananas, melons, green peas, cauliflower, those kind of foods would be appropriate. Some of those foods might not be a bad thing, but I would hate for you to be out on the road and rely on those food items as your main source of a diet. A large bag. The super large bag, and I'm gonna put them out. Probably about 30 pounds on the so I won't be out, but it just caught me unawares this time and one other solution that I might recommend and we use this solution for folks around us that travel is you can ask your veterinarian for either prescription card or a written prescription for that food. And if you're heading through another community. And if you have a written prescription for that food, you may very well be able to buy that at a veterinary office, but you can't just go in and say, hey, I need that SO food. Most places will say we're not comfortable selling that to you unless we knew you really need this for your pet. So that might be another little trick to try. Don't forget, you can get your fix of animal radio anytime you want with the animal radio app for iPhone and Android. Download it now. It's made possible by fear free happy homes, helping your pets live their happiest, healthiest, fullest lives at home at the vet and everywhere in between. Visit them at fear free happy homes dot com, and thanks for your free for underwriting animal radio. Hi Kelly, how are you doing? I'm doing this great, how are you today? Good, where are you? I'm in Q one, Illinois in a freezing weather. Oh. Oh, well, we'll send our warm wishes your way. What's going on with your pet today? Actually, it's not nothing is going on with my pet. It's some stuff that we've heard about. And I listen to you last week and you talked about it a little bit. But dynamite, it's got a website kind of like dot com. And my question was this is we feed our dogs what is called nature's recipe. And we get it from PetSmart. And it's a very good dog food. We use it here at the studios. It's good stuff. It's a very replicable brand. They say that the dynamite is supposed to be really good. It gives insights and all this stuff. So does the dynamite for starters does it work? Is it true what they say because it's pretty expensive? And does it take the place? I mean, can you actually feed your dogs per state, junk lower quality dog food? If you're feeding them the dynamite? Okay, some good questions there Kelly. And the first thing is I'll be honest. I am not on the dyno bandwagon. I'm a little bit concerned about any product that makes such grand claims that it's going to cure allergies and all of these type of things. Right. So can you feed a bad food and make up for it with a supplement? No, you can not. And just like with people, if you don't eat a good balanced diet, pop in those vitamins every day does not make up for that. Same thing is true for our pets. So if you've got a good quality diet, I believe that that is the heart of the nutrition question here. And then there are supplements will sometimes add in. So I'm not opposed to trying a supplement for the benefit of fatty acid supplementation or maybe a pet that might have skin problems we might look at some zinc supplements, things like that. So there may be that benefit from this, but I would definitely run away from any product that tells you that it's going to be a cure all. And that's just my honest opinion with that. Have I used it on my own pets? No, but I feed them a good diet and they get their fatty acids every day. And I try.

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