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I've got the over. And i am not confident in this at all. But i just love joe borough. I love the winter. I think he's a no nonsense guy. I think he doesn't handle losing well and he's going to do everything you can to win. Obviously coming off that horrible knee injury but look. They're playing for their coach sack. Taylor has a lot to prove or he'll be gone onto this year. They're also in a very tough division with three. Very good teams. That could all make the playoffs. Only the playoffs last year. But i really think that. Joe borough and jomar chase will be a dual that lights up in. Twenty one the falcons. They're over under set at seven wins. I think they win. Around seven to eight games You've got calvin really one of the best young runners in the league. You've got caught pitts. Who is going to be a beast in the tight end. Spot as a receiving duo of those two is just going to be joy to watch and so exciting to watch and arthur smith. He's a mastermind of an offensive coach. I think that's kind of something that's being overlooked is how good is offense can truly be because if you look at what order smith is able to do with ryan tannehill. I think matt stafford can do all that in a little more in some ways maybe now with running the ball but just being accurate and on time and running the offense to a t. So i think mariah looks a little more leg. Mvp matt ryan the defense worries me. Maybe aged terrell can emerge as a number one corner for them out of clemson. It is second season. But i'll take the over on. That falcons win total at seven to of talent. The giants win. Total is also seven. I mean i don't believe in daniel jones really but i just don't But that roster again it comes down. It comes down to the entirety of the team. I don't think daniel jones is bad enough to really lose you too many games on his own but he does. He has a lot of those turnovers and that entire that entire offense was revamped this off season. They're getting saquon back. I love the pig of area's tony. I love kenny goal. I think he's great. Some great offensive moves but daniel jones worries me. When i'm making this pick. But i do think that is a little too low for them. I like their coach. Joe judge the defense is gonna take another step this year. It seems like those guys like playing for him. So i'll take the over for the giants the eagles at seven. I'll take the under on that really. I just don't understand why. The eagles and giants windows are the same. But you've got a new head coach. A lot of turnover on the roster. I mean like jalen hurts. I think he can cut blossom into something. He's really hard working guy and hopefully put it all together but devante smith. I'm excited to see. So they'll be still be fun to watch but overall just seeing how that roster put at the end of the year last year really makes me think they will not be able to get seven wins done. The panthers their win. Total that seven. And a half highland the falcons. I'll take the under on that. I think one win around six. Seven games The defense should be a little better. Great receiving core one of the league's best duos in dj more in robbie anderson both thousand-year receivers last year. But i just don't believe in sam darnold and i hadn't believed in sam darnold i get the talent i get the us in horrible situations in new york but i've go back to this all time. I think we would have seen something more out of him if he was that guy. Now who knows. I've always. I do also always say that football and the quarterback position matters so much more. Who's around you and the team. That's around you and the coaching and we're set about but at some point you got to be able to win more than what sam darnold was able to do and you gotta look better than what saying interested in not really look pretty at all sometimes. Chicago bears their win. Total over under is seven and a half. I am taking the over on that. I've gone over their schedule of talked about them at length but as of now aaron rodgers is not in the nfc north and this decision does somewhat depend on it. But he doesn't eat it kind of doesn't too. Because i do still think they get to that eight win mark based off where they were last year. They're gonna have better quarterback play this year even with any and it's really going to depend on. How hot of a start. He gets off to. When do we see justin fields. How that plays out but nonetheless that defense is going to keep them in pretty much every game. I think in most games and when justin fields comes in watch out for the new era of the chicago bears the broncos went total. That is at seven and a half. I like this roster a lot. i'm gonna take the over on that You get von miller back. You got bradley. Chubb kyle fuller on on on the outside. That's just going to be very very hard team to score on your in a very tough division with the chiefs raiders chargers but i think teddy bridgewater kind of provide some stability that drew lock. Didn't they are saying that. They're going to have a quarterback competition. But i see bridgewater..

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