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Why? This happens, though. No one knew, but Glossop Thala gist. Whitney. Stewart has been studying the brains of patients with positive street of head trauma. His found deposits of protein called tau throughout their nervous systems and by studying animals with similar brain injuries. It looks like the initial trauma provokes the formation of tau aggregates the injury site, and these than alarmingly promote their own formation elsewhere around the brain spreading nerve pathways damaging of cell. And triggering dementia. The good news though, is that Nelson his, no, this. It might be possible to develop a way to stop it. In many of the studies of people surviving brain injury that report there is an increase in risk of Alzheimer's disease, but also getting better recognizing that in many of these cases, it's actually distinct form of dementia different to Alzheimer's disease, and it's one that we call no chronic traumatic and Cathy or c to e for short and that used to be known as Boca's dementia. Now, how long after the injury do you tend to see these manifestations? Well, patients who taught up clinically with problems often several decades after the engine. That's the problem is what's happened in that time from when they were exposed to nj to the development of dementia and what we were doing. Our studies looking at people with a shorter period of survival to try and get picture of that timeframe in between. So what did you actually do? We did two things freshly we loot material from patients hit survived a brain injury. On average about five years after new and Luke to their brains compared to normal aging brains. What we found in that was it had deep position an op normal routine in their brain, which we then on to locate in an animal model to see if we can replicate that and figure out what was happening in these patients. So what was the protein that you found there that shouldn't be? So what we found was an album uproot in the brain or abnormal form of protein innovation called tau. And actually it's a protein that would normally have an our brains to kind of hold the structure of the brain together, very important protein, but sometimes for reason to don't understand that protein can become abnormally processed abnormally folded and it's not abnormal protein that causes problems down the line..

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