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Because that's the first time i've let him. When it has been confirmed the dna to test is come through what birth mother's there. We had not merely been in touch last time. We were in physical contact with each other twenty seventeen before that hadn't been for another fifteen years so there's no established bond relationship with either of these epo. Fortunately list to his there or had friends come with me both days to different friends. Incredible snipe protective mate Sung much It's been painful and they've seen pay but it takes a colin mcrae. Yeah it takes special special reports. Be able to be there in such horrific traumatizing circumstance. If i couldn't have done it without support and even with that it's fell a really lonely isolating journey. Every time i'm picking up the phone or e meltzer chop protection experts solicitors. Mp's peopla ignominy. We hearing you're not the victim. What did it feel lights to see him. Be convicted just incredible. Just incredible in. I you see other people. Campaigning hillsborough perfect example. I just thought families how you know. It's like david goliath. How is this even going to be achievable. And then the sentence on top of that. Just remarkable. Just remarkable ready. We looking for him to respond. So why are we making any remove. So i don't know there's been a lot of coverage about. He didn't show remorse. He didn't apologize. Cool is not going to apologize. The man seventy four. He had every opportunity in the other two hearings last year to admit guilt. Even if he didn't mean that he was never gonna show remorse. Traveling remorse isn't mission of girl and he's still not done that so that didn't surprise knight but it is an incredible achievement by you to have done this to who found a way to get this form of justice all easy as on Lila's think it's still think it still hasn't fully son came actively looking into this since two thousand eleven twenty twelve. This happened to just less than two weeks ago. Two weeks did. I was convicted. It still hasn't don't mix. I think someone the other day. I think of this baby left in hospital. Who's the odds. Were against me. And i think the i conceived in ripe has actually done. This is still incredible for me to digest. We'll help. Pg's yes you've done this. Yeah i think some eight part of the justice is for him to call to account absolutely responsible the ripe absolutely right that he got prison sentence. tho- justice isn't achieved until the council and the police force a called to account these systems. Don't change they. Want people like me to be quiet. Be brushed under the carpet. It must be very humiliating for them..

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