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I just wanna talk. Just put my comment on the vanderbilt missive stasis. Wasting with. I mean my problem with it. I heard a few your call us today in my problem with whole thing. Is that people calling in inside outdoor salad to one called before linda. Thank his name. Was bruce from south carolina. He was spot on with everything. I'm tired of hearing people calling in saying it was wrong but like whether the but come from like there's no but it does. It doesn't matter. The situation in is is not causing controversy developing the need to be brought to the light and all sporting events. There's no book racial slurs in any typical way where there's a black person talking to a white person or white presents onto a black person who's wrong. It doesn't matter what squad on had started racist slur just wrong. And that's all. I wanted to say about paul. Thank you thank you Agree with you. I mean uh we've all we've all experienced this in some form or fashion in terms of delete knowing about it hearing it but it it's i. I must admit the idea that happened last night. I i'm surprised. I mean i just at some point you think we we. We all move on I agree with our last caller He's one hundred percent correct. Let's check in with john who was in chattanooga. Hello john go right ahead. Hey how you doing sir. Thank you just a quick Look back. How would mississippi state fads know who the Thunder lodden. I would say most of them would who are well. You got pow mero. And i can't watch car. Yeah i saw. I saw the documentary. I mean by the way. That's the only the only reason i know that is. I saw the thing on on. Tv know that. but again. i didn't grow up at mississippi state baseball fan. So i probably johnny. I have a good night for the record. I couldn't remember clark's name Thanks you appreciate it. We'll take a break. We're more phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five. We were coming back a long way to go to and listening to paul finebaum show podcast. And of course. Sorta big nights is for the college world series. Sec now we'll get you ready for six thirty and eleven when the game concludes which get back to the calls right now. And stacey is up. Next in nashville. Hello stacy paul thank you. I just wanted to call. Because i n beyond disappointed in what's happening with this vanderbilt mississippi state situation there were three starters from that game whose parents were up in the concourse area with racial slurs being said to them so much so that venerable staff families had to call security to get people over there to protect them The daughter of one of the coaches who is cheering on the team is getting booed by state fans. Seven year old girl. We can't keep making excuses and saying oh you have to deal with it if you go to the game though this has happened before why now is it's ridiculous to me. There's no excuse for this half of the year. We'll stacey i agree with you on that and and i but the problem that that i think we've had today is is getting the kind of information that you just shared Had clinton yates on who you may have heard. And he didn't hear it directly he he talked to some of these people and and quite frankly i think it should come out. I mean the. I mean how how can you. There's no justification for this At all it doesn't matter who the two doesn't matter whether it's vandy and in texas or mississippi state and arizona. I call me naive but the idea that in twenty twenty one. i guess. I'm calling myself naive. That fans at a baseball game would be doing. This is just..

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