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To this selma blair in regional mcadam are going on the record in joining the two hundred plus other women who have accused director james tobin of sexual harassment joe who's in the lead right now between these two who animals what looks like more people at all the time against this guy yeah uh but both stars tell vanity fair that they met him early in their careers blair says that he asked to meet her at a hotel room and then asked her to perform a monologue naked and it gets worse oh here we go listen to this this is this is a summit blair she dole's vanity fair i i said okay what do i have to do he said i cannot touch you cannot have sex with you and he said it's okay i can uh blank in my pants oh my god i'm going to have a few blanks in here by the way guys i have to rub up against your leg you have to pinch might nipples and you have to look into my eyes what what role was this four i don't know she said i thought well if i can get out of here were being without being raped and then she said i went to leave and he got up any blocked the door he said you have to do this for me you cannot leave until i have releases is what she says he said blair said that he threatened to quote kidnapper and throw in the hudson river with cement blocks on her feet if she ever told anymore my god now make adam says that this is regionally gaddum's you know bratcher swell respect celebrated actress says that uh he invited her to a hotel room as well she said at one point he got up and went to the bathroom when he came back he said i just blanked off in the bathroom thinking about you will you show me your pubic hair in my gun and i said no eventually i just excuse myself i can't remember how long i was there i felt like i was there forever this has been such a source of shame for me that i didn't have the wherewithal to get up and leave she said.

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