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Tent when she heard the shots thousands of people came running through the first of our bar and immediately they were still were screaming and shouting shooter shooter guidon guy and what does it look like in the town it looks like a war zone she helps 23yearold canadian jordan you'll do who was shot in the stomach and his fingers were kind of raps on my and his hand like kind of squeezed a little bit and then just like wet loose miguel do and had been at the concert with his girlfriend amber goose spoke to her by phone she said as he okay and i said now and she said to be honest with me like what's going on you know he didn't make it she stayed with his body for more than four hours but says she's not a hero the here to me you're the what they were running it to go get the people out i did what i would hope that anybody would have done for me that they would inmates lorde in a statement make held his parents said their only son loved mountainbiking country music and was rarely seen without as kabwe booze he would have turned 24 this friday anthony mitterrand ideas thank you address by one estimate paddock fired off as many as 9 rounds per second carter evans looks at how we might have turned.

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