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Rawson feel Adams. News talk eight fifty telling you. You got me. Jennifer Bill in the rest of the Addams family on a great cruise. He was posting pictures after the patriots won yesterday. He was all excited than he posted pictures about getting on board a ship. I guess the ship left last like six o'clock, seven o'clock. I thought they left in the morning, but apparently not the new one he's on that new ship. It's it's massive. Massive ups like he was like twenty pounds. They said just walk around the ship. You'll lose forty my dad. There's only only the workers on the ship were on the ship for crews. So he's like the first cruise person passenger, right? That's pretty cool in you. What are you doing for Christmas daughters here? I'm super exciting did call. Yeah. Is in town, Ricky, what are you doing? Eight laws outlaws where you're going both laws. The style. Katya start with the best or do you like your in laws though? No, I do. I was going to say because he's trying to do to be Jan, no. I'm just saying there's a lot of people don't like to read loss if they don't get along or they're kind of forced to go. So I do like them. But it's now that we're married you have split up between the two families pain in the ass. But I mean, yeah, they close to each other. So you're not travelling like they live on the same road one west one. He's are you kidding me? Really weird. Me. I'm everyone's coming to my house. They all start a riot while they started arriving this weekend. And then the rest arrive either tonight or tomorrow morning. I'm like, okay, we're going to put everybody, but it's gonna be fun and no one got gifts, but the baby. Under the Christmas tree. There's like three presidents, and then there's a stack of like sixty. And it's all Laura. So what's her first Christmas? It's her first Christmas that you'll never remember that her birthday parties in a month. Remember that one either? That's she's one. Thank you for realizing that I do it. It's for everybody else. People that go bananas for like, it's baby's first Christmas, Mike babies, not gonna remember. The baby doesn't remember anything. He doesn't know what to baby you can tell you could tell zucchini it's so true. And if you're traveling today, it's going to be a white wet Christmas across most of the west starting today. They're gonna drenching rain up and down the west coast. Heavy snow in the Sierra in the Rockies. And then storm's gonna go to the south and Christmas day. Heavy rains and snow in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, Texas and Oklahoma rain. It's going to read everywhere Tamar except New England getting snow tomorrow. So if you're flying out tomorrow, you might not get out because who did New England beat the patriots. The bills available bills. They won their tenth NFC. What isn't NFC AFC championship? Whatever bills not here. So I can fill a pan silence. So you got the chiefs they won their right? And they have home field. New Orleans has home field. Right. And then patriots. They homefield to all those things are correct all my goal. But to see where more excited about the college football going on this. Yes. Alabama plays on the twenty nine who gives a damn and Notre Dame. Clemson and not do it's it's horrible. Because the who's gonna win the national championship this year. Karen, alabama. It's the end of it. Right. The books can happen in college football. Anything can happen in life. Karen? That's true. So true. I don't know. I mean, I don't even know if they're going to get past Oklahoma there. Trophy. Gives a damn knowing known known plays. Like I do. I do not. Not winning. They're bussing shake thing. Now. Jinx stinks chink sinks jinx. Okay. Just a couple of things this soon. Nami that video that went viral that poor banned two of the members were killed NAMI hit Indonesia, two hundred eight hundred injured eighty dead now Twitter eighty caused now here's the here's the bad part about it. They have you know, soon now me warnings. But they say because it was the volcano volcano eruption knocked out the warning system. Goodness. So they had no warning whatsoever. That's terrible. And some good news. Well, maybe not some good. Good news. I guess if you have to shop twenty two million Americans still need to go Christmas shopping. So Bill wasn't alone. He'll be shopping on the but to many of the stores open if they're not already open. Now, they open at seven o'clock, some stay open till ten o'clock tonight. So you have plenty of places to go to buy that special gift and speaking of which. If you're getting a gift card, we get some news for you coming up in just a minute cystic around. Now,.

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