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For another check of your forecast well things are going to be really pretty out there today a little on the cool side still but not as cool as yesterday yesterday we maxed out in the upper fifties for New York City today we are expecting a high temperature of sixty three it's not quite where we should be should hit seventy degrees we don't get there but overall not bad especially in and around the city with a sixty three degree temperature mostly sunny skies but a lot of locations will once again Max out in the upper fifties around the tri state area tonight we are going to see mostly clear skies as we did down to forty seven degrees in the city thirties for the suburbs so it will be another cold night out there for some then we head into the day tomorrow when things will be a little bit warmer than they for today sixty six degrees is what we are expecting the forecast high for tomorrow we do however get that with increasing clouds so we do see a little bit more cloud cover in the mix the rain looks like it will hold off though until at least late on your Thursday night California public universities may not be heading back to campus in the fall all ten of the university of California campuses including Berkeley and UCLA say it is unlikely campuses will open for the semester and are planning to hold courses primarily online the California State University system which consists of twenty three campuses says it will cancel most of its in person classes and move them online the cal state system is the largest public university system in the country with half a million students and rolls a socially distant parking lot raves has dancers swaying in their cars while two boys prove you don't have to actually shake hands to have a special handshake they're among the stories trending on social media here's Reena Roy so many across the globe stay inside to stay safe here's one way to have a good time outside is physically distant rave in Germany where drivers pulled up to a parking lot the party a DJ playing live music as they honked their horns along with the.

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