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You can't count on that because it's just two different types of errors in in systems i think until name brown is pretty good i really do do i think he's jerry weiss i have to say no i think he's exciting i think he's he's he's dominant he he's a game changer but now having had to defend him a few times i we took him away and we knew out took him away because at times you can get after him and he would cower down jerry rice never did that every play whether runner pass he got after until brandon always do that and they're spilling the show that that's interesting yeah i mean this guy is fantastic tilts the coverage you have to have a way to take this guy way it's just like the argument you know you've had today's athlete you know to me back in in that ear like you say jerry rice played twenty years in the nfl this guy's got another ten years to go at least to be compared to him because he was great for all those years even when he was in oakland he was still great i mean it was amazing so you know he's got a long way to go in the longevity but when you're picking older players like saying well someone so's better than walter pay i'll always say walter pains the best because i grew up with walter pain i saw them how we block how he caught the ball iran this guy was always tremendous rice he'd always score touchdowns that's one thing you always did before anybody made a huge red zone tv thing this guy lights it up ten times more than everybody else so you know antonio brown's probably he's an atop two three receivers in today's game but rice was number one back when he played i had a somebody that played for the raiders that guarded jerry rice in his heyday was a safety said the most amazing thing about jerry rice is you almost new what the pattern was going to be that the niners ran about twelve plays out of sixteen sets you could know what the play was with jerry but his routes were so precise you and joe was so accurate you couldn't stop him the argument mark makes if you knew the route antonio was running you'd have a better chance of stopping him i the argument you just made i find fascinating because i think basically what you just said is antonio brown's not quite the competitor though that grew zero jerry rice competed on every every run every players here's what an tonio brown's supporters would say jerry rice wasn't a factor on special teams and tonio brown is just he's factor in the return game and jerry rice had no impact i don't think special teams didn't have that kind of speed only he was that type of player but your point about competitor is a great point that i hadn't thought of you you kind of swayed me there i think it's similar to go to collins favorites of it went to his like my argument with lebron versus markelle georgia i just don't think the bronze quite the competitor michael jordan is that's kind of the argument you're making here i to another guy we never see the likes of again kam chancellor who recently announced that he would be leaving the game after scans revealed his neck injury from last season had not healed according to former vikings general manager jeff diamond chancellor could be the last of a dying breed writing quote if i were gm today considering what has happened to players like chancellor i would be nervous about drafting or signing hard hitting safeties the current rules are such that these players are more prone to suspensions for legal hits and they're likely to.

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