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Get to later in the movie that I think is a genuinely great scene house part. So grow go shows up arms been kicked off. He ain't happy about it. He's like I'm going to kill the leader. Meanwhile all of a sudden. He starts acting weird and it appears like he is being controlled by someone else and we're introduced to yet another character named, Nova? That's it. Your eyes go blue and Nova can control you. Can Control Vector. Okay. I. Guess. The big bad guy and everybody can't stop talking about leader. ALITA and Hugo go on a date to the motor all stadium where a bunch of robots right around on a track and break each other and try and carry a ball somewhere. The ball is not that important. Now when when you say robots I, just WANNA clarify they are mostly cyborg human heads but entirely robot bodies and their arms have like big blades and buzzsaws which makes me wonder whether these guys doing when it's not motorable time like. What what are they doing with all those buzzsaws when he's not time to fight do you think they stick their head on a different body like? Normally when I'm not motor balling, I like my head to be on a gardener pot body. Yeah. Maybe I could see that. I like to be in a body that's a saw blade or just like a like a triangle of would that can flip Over. You're saying so they get more battle body. Five away those streets are tough. Elliott. By the way for anyone who did not watch leader before the show. Having watched the leader I flash on when Stewart is telling about the movie to this must be how anyone who does not care about science fiction feels when someone tries to explain the science fiction thing. Because, then vector is in charge of the motor ball league goes like Oh God just stop it. Whatever whatever you're selling the meal by. Reminds me of the time Tom, broke I wouldn't stop talking to me about doing. Elliot here's the gist of the story. It's a tale of Paulo trade. Young air to house train days. And how he manages to win the war for Iraq is now by dominating the planet but by losing himself in the culture of the freemen, it's spelled Freeman, and so for quite some time I thought it was. And Now? The interesting thing about the book all of it is interesting. Tom Is. We have another showed. All be happy to tell them about doing as well. Hits Stu. Take it away. So. Hugo, as a conversation with vector at the Motor Ballerina and vector gets him and his crew of buddies to don masks and attack a another motor ball guy and chop off his arm. So they can get his precious grind cutter. We'll be seeing more of that later just like he can. He like blades at the end of chains that he has like finger chain blades that fly out his fingers turned into chain. BLAZEK. Fly Out. I mean everybody knows what a grind cutter. Sorry, I'm sorry I. Forgot I forgot this Boston. Grind cutters kind of sandwich. So. Yeah. They'd like like jump this dude and chop is arms off it's really messed up. Okay, the next day. Hugo and his friends including. Alita go on a date into the badlands where they find an earthworm warship that has been crash-landed. Now you're probably wondering what's this earn? Stuart's talking about the whole time Dan was like, tell me more about earn. Worm squirm. This is a big argument we had during the thing because becomes clear that Alita is one of these earn. Like, the United Republic of Mars. Yeah. They're the ones. Yeah. Erm Dude not the ones that Earth was fighting led to the fall and I'm like all through the movie I'm like this is GonNa be addressed at some point right that she's one of these earn this is going to happen like it's going to run flicked. Because as I was saying Dan, it's like he was watching star. Wars and Luke says you fall with my father in the clone wars and Dan was like, why won't they stop and tell me more about the clone wars I'm enjoying this adventure? History lesson would make sense if luke had fought in the clone wars and they never mentioned it again, our main cared about this your heart of the inmate combatants and it's never address. So you're Dan. Okay. Let's say this. Let's say we're less than three hundred years from the Revolutionary War Boston and let's say. Let's say out of hibernation up British soldier a Tory or somewhat appeared would people would be like get the fuck Outta here dude, we fought you away. Hey, what's your hair skin cap? They'd be like, Hey, what's going on? You know what? Else? Three hundred year also. was from another planet and there were the last one how `bout that Elliott I'd WanNa meet them even more Dan. So this is what you're saying you are you are William Goldman. Watching the big Lebowski and going I can't wait to see this bowling championship. What I'm saying. I just want one line addressing like either like Oh, you know what I wasn't earned, but like your earthquake have converted me or. Being. I forget what the other thing is I don't care. The point is we were watching it and we argue about and it was the like the closest I've come to actually angry at I. Thought I thought Dan was going to quit the show. He was so mad that I did not agree with him and that there should have earned talk was. comically dismissed above me, Dan the thing is you're not the only person who's interested in the stuff because Alita is also interested. As she sneaks aboard the ship and finds a robot body which we learn as a berserk her body and ultimate killing machine body which her father is like I'm not putting your fucking hit on that thing that's. Look If if my son came to me and said, Hey, I found this cool robot monster body will you put my brain in? It'd be like, no. When you turn eighteen, what you WANNA do with your body, your business. But as long as you live under my roof, you are not putting your brain in a monster body. Again to be fair, you're primarily known for Reading for the daily show writing for mystery science theater the upcoming soon. You're not really known for putting brains in anybody's that's true. I would also say I'm not qualified to do this work. You know when you turn eighteen if you want me to do it, I will do my best because I.

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