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TC, otherwise known as Terry Cummings. And it was a good night for the admiral as well. Today is ground hog day. People have been celebrating ground hog day for centuries. According to folklore at the ground hog emerges from hibernation and does not see his shadow. He's back in the home. Signifies the end of winter is near. On the other hand, if the ground hog does see his shadow, he will retreat back into his burrow and winter will continue. For at least another six weeks. I asked the question yesterday, and I'll ask it again because nobody gave me an answer. Six more weeks of winter. We're exactly where and what actually defines winter isn't winter on a calendar? Yes, a certain exact period of time. I don't know who came up with the idea for pucks. A tawny Phil, but I do know that, like I said, they've been doing this for centuries. Is Ground hog. Marsupial or a rodent eroded. I'm gonna go rodent. Being The marsupial this fancy word for rodent. Actually, it is a rodent. It's not a marsupial. Sometimes ground hogs. They're called woodchucks. Which means charity one out. Give you the conquest Er about woodchucks. Go right ahead if a woodchuck Could Chuck Wood? That's it? I don't know. That's only God. How much wood would a woodchuck Chuck? If a woodchuck could chuck Wood? He would chuck he would as much as he could and chucked as much wood as a woodchuck. Would if a woodchuck could Chuck Wood you have that memorized? Oh, my goodness! Dang woodchuck! Quit chucking my wife. Exactly what you want, isn't it only takes one..

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