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The nonexistence of god. The argument goes something like this. I refuse to prove that exist. Says god for proof denies faith and without faith. I'm nothing but said man. The baby will face is a dead. Giveaway isn't it. It proves you exist and so therefore you don't qe it is god. I hadn't thought of that and promptly vanishes in a puff of logic. Oh that was easy. As man and for non-core he proves that black is white and gets killed on the next zebra crossing. How come after playing around with the end of the universe and hitchhiking. Did you turn to real animals. Last chance to see when it was a variety of reasons the first of which i think was just happenstance. Which was that. I was asked by a magazine to go to madagascar. And look for a rare species of lemur called the i and it was part of a series in which they were asking writers who will known in some field or another to go and do something. They didn't know anything about so. I was sent to madagascar. On the grounds that i knew nothing about madagascar. Nothing about zoology. Nothing about ecology. I went there. And i was in the company with zoologist from the world wildlife fund and we found this particular very very rare and strange animal. The i mark coaching explained to me. How the rainforest worked. It was. The first time that i she understood it. Because we've all been very excited and very wired about the rainforest now for quite a long time but didn't really understand why it was important. People will say well. The rainforest produces a lot of our oxygen and other people say yes but it breathes it all in again during the day so It was never really clear to me other than that. It was obviously a good thing why it was a good thing. Oh what was important about it. And as soon as you begin to understand the process by which it works you find. You're pulling on a thread that goes on and on and on into an increasingly elaborate and complex system of life. That if you've got any kind of curiosity is endlessly fascinating. Just how life fits together and how evolution has brought about this fantastic complex system that we live in say from one in madagascar. You went around the world. That's right yes and we went to look for the kakapo in new zealand. The northern white rhinoceros and the mountain gorillas in zaire the rodrigues fruit bat. Komodo dragon lizard. But what was interesting is that you began to realize that the world we all observe is enormously shaped and characterized by the us observing it. So if you then look at the world from the point of view of a dolphin or parrot or rhinoceros or whatever. The world is wildly different place and i began to find that absolutely fascinating and i guess sort of linked back into what i realized. In retrospect i'd been source of doing all along writing the hitchhiker books which was constantly shifting perspective on apparently familiar kinds of events and phenomena and seeing how wildly different they looked from a different point of view. I mean if you go about right. Very beginning of hitchhiker went off. Dent gets his house in october to make way for new bypass. You see that in a particular way and you have a second opinion about it. But then a couple of hours later the gets demolished might for new hyperspace bypass it's exactly the same event but it's on a different scale and we therefore see it from a different perspective and suddenly it looks like a wildly different kind of event. And i think i've been so playing with that kind of perspective. Shift.

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