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Be strong so bob superstrong right mothers were pulled in ten different directions at once so i have her be elastic teenagers are defensive and insecure so i had her be invisible and have forced fields in ten year old boys or energy balls who wanna open every door impress everybody now and babies are unknown they could have no powers or they could have all the powers this is what's remarkable to me because i wanna point out that the film's about a time where superheroes are outlawed big conversation about whether superheroes should come back but as much as it's about that it's also about like you said it's about family it's about parenthood right how much of this is informed by your own parenthood it's half influenced by the family that i grew up in with my sisters and my parents how many of you five in my family six in the family that i grew up in and and half of it is based on the family i have with my wife and sons so it's all of that combined into a gumbo of spy movies and superhero things in action adventures i loved when i was a kid any specific things any real life things come from your own life make it into the film yeah all over the place i mean an argument that is in the first incredible where bob and helen argue about one of their kids graduation in quotes is argument my wife and i add you know guess which part i was do you do you play around with the voices at home to your kids about how old are they they're all in their twenties now yeah they were they were young when the first one came out yes and my middle boy jack was a baby when i first came up with the ideas and we called him jack jack so yeah he made it was exciting for them to have the dad behind the big film of the year behind the film that well it was weird because you know i was working on this thing but i didn't really show them any of it until the wrap party you know and so i like to do that because i like it to be all spiff he and finished when when they see it i would have thought you know a lot of directors if they make films like this they would be shown to the kids give feedback halfway through no not no i always go it's not ready yet it's kind of like saying hey check out my new car it's all in parts across the front yard but it's really cool to be great when you're gonna love it yeah yeah so i always wait till the cars together and you know that was one of the highlights of my life sitting there with my boys leaning forward with is wide open going wow take me back to when you were eleven years old stories you went to went to walt disney you're inspired to become an animator can you can you paint me a picture for people listening to this what you what you saw that inspired you so much well i mean like any normal kid i loved cartoons i mean i loved animation i was particularly fascinated by the disney films because of the thoroughness of the imagination when i saw jungle book something inside me snapped because i recognized the distinctness of the vision meaning that when i saw the panther jumping across onto a branch it didn't just look like a cat i mean somebody had studied cats it looked like a panther versus other cats and it didn't just look like a panther it looked like a panther that was sort of stuffy i realized that someone did that someone's job on the face of the earth was to figure out how a stuffy panther would move and i thought that is the coolest job in the world i love how why do your eyes got when you talked about the panther like i can i can tell you still i'm still impressed by that but you know what i mean i don't think you lose that no and in that particular movie the same animators who did the stuffy panther had to figure out how a old over the.

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