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Back to. Let's get cynical. I'm lizzy stewart and i am arden warranty hausky and the changes. Just keep on coming you. And i both there are just changing things left and right. I changed my hair colour. You're changing your apartment. A ha. it's i wonder are the planet's doing something that's creating this. Sort of internal chaos. I feel like to save like multiple planets. Feel like they're in retrograde. I feel like is not the right tone. Because often i feel like when we say mars retrograde. It's like that's why everything is bananas but like right away. But i think we've got positive changes like you look stunning in your new hair. Colour thank you also. Did you say mars retrograde and mean mercury at is exactly right. No no that's true. I know you're super into astrology. Stuff and i was like. Oh my god. Do i now have to worry about mars. No mercury mercury. Mercury migrate to to be fair to you. There are times when like it's not mercury. that's messing up. It's something else yet but but you're right. I do feel like the changes are not bad changes. Good changes is my hair now. Red ahead shoutout to all my heads out there in and you're moving and you're moving apartments at a very exciting way so i am. It's just it's just a time to be alive. Summer is is upon us. It is ninety degrees. I'm sweating And we're here to party. We're here to party. And i have to say what we're going to talk about today. Feel like it's already party. It's you know what's more party in feel than breaking then the break-in then the breaking of this. As is dr yeah. It's insane to me that this happened and was allowed not allowed to happen but that this happened in recent history. Like i mean i know that now the nineteen seventies do feel super super far away. But like there's a lot of people involved that are still alive. Oh yeah he hasn't foley living fully living and like still kicking around like the this is it's like what forty years ago. Yeah yeah that's not a long time ago now and what what unfolded on this faithful evening and then everything afterwards i can. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around. I'm like way they did what he did. What this is so dumb. It's so dumb and like it's one of those things where like you walk that fine line and it's like it's either brave or stupid when somebody does something crazy right like. Yes either. Good for them. You're so braver. Like wow. i would have made the decision. That was so yes. You did this kind of what it feels like like. Yeah it's that is baltic to break into an office building like of your competitor of your rivals to like you know angle. The win your way is ballsy but also so stupid so stupid so stupid. Yes so very excitingly. We're obviously talking about watergate because the actual break in and this month in the month of june saw what. Better time to celebrate bad than today in this in this episode Also say a great companion episode to this episode would be our episode on the united states versus nixon. The am the nixon tapes. Homeboy wouldn't stop recording himself One of my favorite supreme court cases. We've covered again bananas that got to the supreme court so no spoilers on that but though in listen after you listen to this episode But before we jump in to talk about today's harsha in sar sus see. Today's censure ronin sources most of this is coming from the senate. Oh my god we love the senate the senate history dot com man of course strum always always good with the with the synopsis of world events. And then a little episode some of it from a site called watergate dot info obsess. Yeah i it's a site dedicated to this event. So you get a website when you when you break again to the democratic national committee like you get you get a website site. Yeah get a website. Yeah okay so before we jump into like the break in. Because i know that's what everybody wants to hear about right now. Let's just let me give you the overview of what watergate is all about if this is your first time hearing about watergate or if you never really got a got the intel on what this whole kerfuffle you could say was about so this is coming from the senate early on the morning of june seventeenth nineteen seventy two five men broke into the democratic national committee headquarters at the watergate hotel and office complex in washington. Dc men that so many like that's not stealth undercover break in that. Is you don't need five men to do anything. No everybody's rule like you. This is a two person..

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