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Hi my name is tool not you on Cinemax on this part and what do you do here it's on as far while I run this fine establishments well I should say on this fine establishment do you own it and around it I'd run it well thank you how are you feeling what he thinking right now well I've been through a crisis or two before and there is one thing to fight you know that new book demand which is this virus another two calls with the fear that it instills in all of us and what I try to concentrate on is how to kind of take care of your emotional health because the fear is the alarm clock that wakes us up into action but if we keep that alarm clock ringing in we've just brought drive us crazy and then and we can take care of business this will pass believe it or not it will pass it's like there's a note on the weekend then there's in the region proverb that I love that goes like this either it will go well or it will pass and those are two good options and we will get through this and especially new Yorkers we will get through this because we're evolved a bunch you know we just cool down and get through stuff I guess we get as close as place downtown well I think we got about fifteen minutes in which I will enjoy my little glass and wine right cheers all.

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