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So we had a deliberate that one you know, what what does that really mean? And I'll tell you what it really meant it meant that the the class that he would be entering talking about my son, Derek when he made the decision to go to Yale Law School in spite of the fact that he was walking away from a full. Bride at NYU, which was a great law school. He said I will be sitting with in class with the future president probably with the future ju- supreme court justices. I mean, he said it is from that school and Harvard that you get all of these highly successful jurists, and and that's kind of important if you're going to launch a career like this, you have a choice, you can be like the kind of attorney who has to sit and hope that you know, they get enough slip and fall call. So that they get enough drug dealers are criminals of some sort to defend or you set your sights somewhat higher and one thing about Derek was at the time. He was motivated he wanted to set his sights as highly as as high as he could because he did not come from advantage. You know, he came from a very middle class life. And he thought, you know, why not be? Yeah. Why why should I be the one I work hard? I can do this. And he did, you know, and he left the he got a an appointment as a clerk with a chief Justice and not not in the supreme court, but in a circuit court, and he had a fabulous experience. He was hired by Charlie Munger for Munger tolls and Olsen, which of course, is the firm that Warren Buffett's partner. Ran they gave him a year to go clerk. They said go ahead, go clerk, and you know, your pay starts immediately. You know, it was an amazing experience. But it was a direct result of that yell degree. I mean, these parents are not crazy. They know what they're talking about this influential stuff that you see happening at these universities and believe me not because it's deserved. That's the part that really makes me sad. I I love my son. He's a great person. He's also a very competent attorney. But he's no better educated, in my opinion that if he had gone to any other law school in the country any other, I know people have graduated from temple from from Miami from FSU that are phenomenal brilliant attorneys that is not gonna decide. Anything except what doors get opened? So these parents wanted the doors to spring open in spite of the fact that they really don't have kids who were all that worthy. You know, kids who are willing to work as hard as for instance, kids like my son had to work. And and then, you know, we look at this placement at high profile schools, and we realize it starts with these kids when they're young Laughlin daughter the influence, sir. She spoke for most of the undergraduates when she said, I do want the experience of game days partying. I really don't care about school as you guys all know. Yeah. I know we do know because otherwise your mom wouldn't be looking for a defense. Attorney is not what happens in class that matters. The universities have been corrupted by athletics. Politic cassation of the curriculum identity. Politics grade inflation, affirmative action, the death of the humanities and an ideological bias among faculty. What matters is the chick you receive at graduation, and I saw last night on the excuse me. No. You know, the chip is important. Chit is a word. He's panicking. He thought I used a bad word Chit C H IT. He was his finger on the dump button. You don't get any of that at graduation. But anyway. It's it's just it's frustrating for me. I was watching last night life, liberty and Levin. I got home just in time to turn it on actually. And Bill Bennett was his guest. Now, I have a lot of respect for Bill Bennett. I'll tell you. I watched Bill Bennett who was a democrat once upon a time. And then was brought into the Reagan administration became a Republican was always a conservative though. And see that's the part that I I like to remind people when you look at Ronald Reagan when you look at a Bill Bennett when you look at many previously registered Democrats, they'll all tell you the same story. I grew up in a democrat household. You know, I believe Bill Bennett was from Brooklyn, you know. So he was an Irish Catholic from Brooklyn. You're a democrat. You know, I was a Puerto Rican Jew from Manhattan, you're democrat. I mean, there's I it isn't like a question. It just is. So when people like that or people like me become conservatives, we're not necessarily at all related to the Republican party. I mean, I think Bill Bennett became a great Republican. I'm not, but but I think what you do find is that we are. We're ideologically purists. We really don't want to talk about all the crap that people talk about we're not interested in the identity politics. We don't care. Our purpose is very focused. You know, we just want America to be great. I don't know if it's great again or just great, you know, we have love for this country. And I believe that the democrat party when I was born had that love, you know, had a love for its people had a love for, you know, the right ideas for morality for education and Bill Bennett was the secretary of education. And you know, Mark Levin asked him a very painful question. You know, how did we get to a point where our schools are so inundated with this ideological bias? And and he to his credit. Bill Bennett said, well, I have to take some of the blame you know there. There has been this embracing on the part of academia of all this leftist thinking, and it didn't just start because if anybody is of my generation, okay? The post World War Two the well the Vietnam era generation, but our parents well World War Two. All right. If you're part of our generation, let me tell you something we grew up as a middle class began to burgeon and grow where people who had never had opportunity were being afforded opportunity, and we're making great strides. And there was a. A huge middle class. Which is a good thing. Right. That's what people would like to see. But what ended up happening was that a lot of the people who got into the academia became teachers, and this is every level and people like to say oh colleges infiltrated. So is high school so as middle school, so is Ella mature school? Now when I was coming up I could see it beginning when I was in high school. I went to an exclusive kind of high school you had to take a test to get in. And you know, who who knows how how much of my admittance wasn't based on my ethnicity. I don't know. I was never told that. But I'm gonna tell you that they were a liberal bastion. I had professor teachers even call them professors in high school. I had teachers who were potheads I had teachers who were antiwar activists. It was already true in my high school experience. And if you don't think that influences the way people think I had a biology professor who I'm not gonna say his name because I don't know if he's still alive or not. I once was telling a story about my school and my high school principal called in. So. So by he is no longer alive. Alexander Taufel is his name. But I had this biology professor wanted call professors tonight schoolteacher who literally. Was allowing students to make LSD in school laboratories. They had like, the smartest kids in this in the city, you know, not that he was encouraging us to take it. But he was talking about how it was a news item. And this is what lysergic acid is actually comprised of. And we had this experiment where we were, you know, actually. Actually, making it. And I'll never forget I began to think that all that stuff was normal that that this whole counter culture stuff was, you know. Brady. And there's a lot of lessons to be drawn. When you look at the story of this. These superstars and these privileged people who were trying to buy their kids way into these prestigious Ivy league schools. Colleges. Exert a lot of energy to be what they call diverse and inclusive, and and as woke as possible to the point where Asian American students are discriminated against because they might ruin the schemes of the college, admissions officers, right? And you don't hear the media upset about that? The media is not upset about the scandal that Asian Americans can't get into these prestigious schools because they're too smart. There's too many of them. I mean, that's crazy. Right. The good news is that we're still kind of shocked by the actions of these parents because there really isn't all that much corruption in our country, it's growing, but it's still compared to these, you know, other countries that we look at all the time. If the problems were a systematic as some of the, you know, conspiracy people on the internet believe, then we wouldn't even notice right? There are countries where bribery is a way of life. But the second lesson is not as comforting. This is evidence of the bankruptcy of the elites in America for over a decade. Now, the legitimacy of elites had politics and foreign policy in journalism in religion in economics in banking, and it is it has crumpled because reality just doesn't live up to their rhetoric. Education is the last place where elites have betrayed all of our countries morals values institutions and our country's people because it uses wealth and connections to rig the rules of the game. There's a real hypocrisy of points to in the Hollywood's class, no class moralizes more hector's us more more obnoxious activists than the Hollywood left. I'm sick of Bette midler. I'm sick of Alan Alda. I'm sick of share. I'm sick of all of these moralizing creeps in Hollywood who are completely bankrupt. When it comes to virtue telling me how I should live and what I should feel bad about beating up on the president talking about all this multi-culturalism telling me, I have to tolerate anti-semitism out of the mouths of congresswomen. Now, I see who they really are. They are corrupt. They are a perverse and they talk a good game. But their actions betrayed them, the Harvey Weinstein's and the Kevin Spacey's pre predators. Okay. The jussie smollet liars hoaxers, so why on earth? Am I supposed to take my political cues from these people right now on.

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