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Of similar big body. Contested catch type of guys and in fuller. You just get a different kind of style. You get that guy. And he's more than deep dark but you do get a guy who takes top of the defense. He's gonna create separation. Look they have keen grant. They they've had is sort of in that speedster mold but those guys are all guys had in the past where kind of gadget type guys fuller's much more complete receiver here and then you know. Obviously on top of that. He's on one year deal again. He's going to be suspended for the first game. This season going back to last year's a pd suspension. So it's sort of a make or break year again for him. We we saw last offseason. How hard it is for receivers to get these. These big mega contracts at this point with all the Just absurdly deep draft classes coming into position. So it's a big year for fuller. He certainly makes sense as a complement to devante parker in that offense and and look they. We know they draft two years ago. We they stuck with to even had the the number three pick. They could move on if they wanted to. This is the kind of thing you do to build around your on quarterback and and obviously they. They added jalen waddell as well. But fuller's kinda guy who. I think you can plug in their early in the season and by the end of september. You might have something going here as far as vertical passing game. that just wasn't really there The way you it to be a year ago. Yeah and i like fuller too. I think that's a good pick. Just because that texans actually started using him not just exclusively in that burner like if you look at his route tree it kinda did diversify last year and i think that shows that you could do more than that you know and i know that. There's some relationships between those staffs. I'm sure they communicate you know. There's probably some stuff that they learned from watching the texans last year they can incorporate. I mean anything to get to a space right. He needs space to throw the ball. I think he needs a little bit more. You know they say open in the nfl and air quotes is not really open. It's you know you have to project the guy being open. I think we might need a little open in air quotes right for the first year or two while gets his feet under his feet under him and and fuller. That signing definitely does that. I'm going to assign. That just happened like a week ago. Less than a week ago. I think it was officially announced Checks watch The day that we are recording this podcast. But i think that the The morgan moses signing by the jets is huge And while. I think we can't be too quick to give joe douglas too much credit right away To have a right tackle to sort of anchor that offensive line and a guy. Who's at least should be vaguely familiar with the kind of offense that going to try to run. I think is big. And i'm i'm kinda worried about the jets offensive line as a whole because you know you have mci becton. And everyone's like oh. How great is this. You know he's going to anchor the left side but a big bopper like mci becton is not really what you want in an outside zone running scheme because you want those guys to be up and out of their stance in sprinting You know horizontally really quickly. And that's really not what he does. Well and so i think the more good offensive linemen the jets can find the better To try to compensate for some of this..

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