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Uh, Black man who had a cane. He didn't appear to be using the cane. He was just kind of carrying it, and he was talking to himself. McConnell's video shows the suspect falling flat to the ground. The HCP San Diego is questioning if other de escalation tactics were used first and wants to see the encounter before McConnell's video S DPD says Body camera footage is being reviewed as standard Zachary Barnes KOGO news. You can see the video at coco dot com. The fireworks show at La Hoya Cove will not be held this year. The city says the organizers did not file for the required permit from the State Coastal Commission. Just Tuesday is San Diego Judge heard arguments on whether the fireworks pose a risk to seals. The judge hasn't made a decision and the Animal Protection League's lawsuit continues. The lawyer for the group says they want to make sure organizers don't try to have a firework show there or any other sensitive habitat in the years to come, and the countdown to the fourth of July is underway, and officials are Arranging you to play it safe. Burns are one of the most common injuries during the Fourth of July holiday and San Diego Fire Rescue along with the Bern Institute, want you to celebrate responsibly this year test to have land of the Burn Institute tells us about some alternatives to fireworks used glow sticks, use electric candles. If the kids really want to get crazy enough to celebrate, get red, white and blue, silly strength where they can kind of throw that at each other and have fun that way, even something like sparklers, which seem harmless. Can burn as hot as 2000 degrees and could cause serious bodily injury, especially for Children at fire Station Number one in downtown San Diego. Eddie McKelvin Kogo News Coming up in the news at 5, 30 update on the tortilla throwing incident involving corn at Ojai and Orange, Glenn that's coming up at 5 30 right now, let's get the latest on your real time traffic..

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