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Atmosphere that made that possible in david studio i wasn't the only one there were several other steve smith and mark hanno steve nelson israel soon and and kevin stapleton mal kinds of people came out of that little studio where divinity wet boy and you know all kinds of other artists were were allowed to thrive and in a situation that was pretty unique because the photographer david zander kept saying you know i'm sick of this i want to get out it's going to be you guys some day and you know he's very good lane that and he's still kind of reclusive is difficult to get today reply can we're getting on day one day you will but the things that the possibilities that opened up that that seemed like they were going to happen in that studio just just changed everybody's lives i should add at the studio is opposite capital talent the capitol tower records couple reconcile on vine right next to the hollywood palace has yes right yeah that's right and that's just hollywood canteen walk in there and find mickey rooney oh carry ground yeah yeah so it was the whole would thing was going on remarkably sort of breathtaking me anyway so the point is the other jones that you did i mean pop looking david did tump it in a heartbreakers whatever else i'd like to talk about is how we went on win david as you say was getting a little bit of leery of working working working and we went onto linda ronstadt it wasn't i don't think he was leery of working he just was the most restless person i've ever known whatever he did he put one hundred percent oh yeah and after the photography thing he opened up a lab color pro which turned into the one of the biggest laps in the country and you know he always had he always had some idea and he was most comfortable when he was knocking heads with people and you know he was he was a sweet man he didn't his combative but it's funny she say tests with with giving as oh stage during an eagles concert is totally forgot about shouting match during a concert i saw similar kind of confrontation david wasn't afraid to confronts him no he was stay you straight in the eyes to is very serving stare at you like a pit bull another angry conversation on the stage of winterland san francisco with bill graham he just you know he just would just might his way in and it was just inspirational so tell me how you got into yoga how you got your fist camera and how you got inspired to takeoff with this amazing career well two things were happening at once my father was musician and i grew up from day one hearing his music kind of swing era trumpet player of so music was in my blood from the very beginning long before photography and then i hit about thirteen and my uncle this is all in suburban white bread san francisco california native just we're out in the suburbs and i wasn't a real sports jock but music men everything to me which led me to you essentially and photography when i was thirteen my uncle gave me a camera i looked through it and said now here's something i think i could do i would enjoy doing so i started taking pictures and we'll show interrupt look camera he gave me an old mimea oh yeah oh yeah yeah and that just you know from then on that's just what i wanted to do so i went to college in pasadena and learned the technical stuff and it didn't get put together the light bulbs didn't go on really until i met until i went to work for the photographer i've mentioned who was primarily doing music stuff so the music and the photography came together and the egg definitely hatched because that's that's all i wanted to do and that's what made me feel alive and we're you know i don't i don't think i would have taken the same path if the music in the photography hadn't come together like that so tell me how toga ties in with music for you well you have to picture a young person you know with headphones on listening to a stereo the amount of hours that were spent staring at this twelve inch square this holy piece of real estate that was that that had this image on it that that.

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