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For the Supreme Court is underway. So far, very, very, very boring. It'll probably pick up a couple of highlights. Fireworks for it's all said and done today and the rest of the week. If I shop and ah dollar General. Oh, yeah. Dollar General Dollar store Charity shook her head. Like why? When I go to them? No, I just me. I don't have a location near me. I don't go out of my way. You don't go anywhere out of your way unless it's near. You don't Tuesday, and now it's all about convenience, okay? Well, there are some people out there who think that they're a little too fancy to shop at the dollar store s $0 General just figured out Wolf on nights for those individuals, Why not sell them the same stuff that they get at the dollar store, but for more money Dollar General just announced they're opening a new line of stores called Pop Shelf. Targeted to the higher end shoppers. Okay. Stuff will sell for about five bucks. Isn't there already One of those What's that place called? It's like under $5 or something. Five something five. I think that's the name of it under $5 or something like that. Yeah, Yeah, I went in there once, and I couldn't find anything at all that I wanted. The first two pop shells are open in Nashville, and they're going to open another 30 around the country by the end of next year. So if you think you're too fancy to shop in a dollar store, what does it say about me? If I shopped at the 99 Cent store, I've got a dollar general, a dollar store and a 99 Cent store within I don't know. Within a mile of each other and just a couple of miles from the house, I go to the 99 Cent store. We're talking earlier. Dex injury Doc Prescott injury. I compiled a list. You might think it's Maccabee might think it's Ah, you know, not necessary, but it is somebody's going to do. They're going to be doing it all day and for the rest of the week anyway, so I figured I'd be first. My top five. I've got Alex Smith of Washington and the injury he got in 2018 to his leg developed an infection almost had to have his leg amputated. Number four is Johnny Knox of the Bears against Seattle in 2011. He don't for a fumble, so did someone else on the Seahawks and hit him and bent his body backwards so far that the top part Just underneath his shoulder blades of his back, bent back and touched his butt. Oh, yeah, Your back's not supposed to do that. I have it. Number three. Napoleon McCallum. Of the Raiders can't member for the Raiders or the Oakland Raiders. At the time. They were Oakland at the time, Hey, was tackled by Can Norton Jr pulled down leg hyperextended. Now the injury itself look bad, but we didn't know how bad till he got to the hospital, and we found out that McCallum suffered extensive nerve damage. Two or three ligaments in the knee. Both his calf and hamstring muscles were ripped from the bone. He also ruptured an artery in the knee, which forced him to undergo emergency surgery nearly lost his leg. And underwent six surgeries and never played football again. Now at number two on my list is what charity and Tim have as number one right on their list. And that was Joe Thighs, Woman. Monday night Football 1985 Redskins Thighs Man hit by Lawrence Taylor suffered one of the most gruesome injuries ever. Washington try to run a fleet flicker giants weren't fooled. Multiple offenders converged Heisman pulled down by Taylor, who fell on two thighs, one's lower right leg. Guys. One's own words were, he recalled his leg snapped like a bread stick and felt nothing below his knee. Compound fracture part of his leg bone was sticking out of his skin. Now this goes 1985. ABC showed multiple replays of that You don't get replace anymore. No. And number one for me. Is Darryl Stingley bad and they hit Patriots receiver in the hit He took from Jack Tatum of the Raiders. That was bad, Okay? All of these injuries we're talking about are bad. And all of them were talked about so far were career ending thighs would never played again. No At least Wiseman can walk. Darryl Stingley never walked again. He was paralyzed. I don't know how it gets any more, You know, forget the gruesomeness. The end result is where it all really matters. I don't think there's too many things worse than not being able to, you know, being paralyzed, but never being able to get out of a wheelchair. And again, there's going to be people comparing these things all week long. Right now, say specialties, acey.

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