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Up It's going to be Friedrich, Friedrich lane at Saint Elmo roadshow if you're. Going through their near thirty five you are going to. Have a slowdown thirty-five typical delays right now northbound thirty five starting to build this is gonna be shot that have been white usual unusual delays at sixteen twenty. Six slow. Up to stash sneak Don Now on time. Traffic say. Friedrich plane Friedrich as saying is that fr Friedrich or Fredrik. No it's Friedrich in there I'm not familiar, with Friedrich at Saint your now you just. Learn something you Saint Elmo major road right there all. Right let's up concern of people that might be heading out this morning Friedrich awkward Heather zehr in our forecast good, morning Good morning well. It looks like another hot day today, we've got mostly, sunny skies on, the way and a high of? One, hundred and one notch. Like yesterday tonight will be clear with a low. Of seventy three and. Then it's sunny tomorrow with a high. Near one. Hundred son and some clouds and a high again around one hundred. On Sunday, from the weather center I'm. Heather air Seven. Seven six eight Six eighteen Todd. Jeffries and Don prior this, is, Don, show Yeah the story is over now, the incident said no one's endangered down in the. Entertainment district but near the chew combat Cantina near six streets there was, some sort of big brawl at the end of a concert late last night and early this morning and much guys getting into a brawl or could go wrong company guys. Pull a gun Austin. Police had to shoot and kill one so there you, go we're on. Top of it and according to assistant police chief Troy gay. There's a lot of video surveillance video body, cameras as well they gave, the guy with the gun many. Many opportunities to drop it but apparently didn't and, he's, dead, there, you, go, jump, in here at five one two eight three six zero, five nine and we've got a full reports including that earlier press conference from chief Troy gay on. The front page of our website at NewsRadio KLBJ. Dot com it's noticed on KFC headline here. For, this story police shooting kill black man near six street well that's responsible. Journalism at its best right there is. Come on this retire Tired Admiral William, mcraven the man who. Oversaw the twenty eleven navy. Seal raid that killed Asama bin Laden issued a stunning rebuke of president, Donald Trump's decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan defending the former spy chief as, one of the finest public servants that he's ever known in. An op Ed piece. Published in the Washington Post mcraven a former navy seal, who's sled the. Joint special operations command between twenty seven and two thousand fourteen. Not only call Brennan a man of unparalleled, integrity but volunteer to have, his own security clearance revoked as. An act of solidarity Mr President going take my, clearance, as, well, in, a, sign, of solidarity with the former director John Brennan here's a, quote from mcraven few Americans have done more to protect this country than John he's a man of. Unparalleled integrity whose honesty and character have been in. Question and there you go except by those. Who, know him and so yeah he's lashing out in this op Ed piece Against President Trump, this more that's ridiculous why should the guy's still have security clearance of what use would he, be to our safety with him still having security clearance what would the point, be I. Think it's kind of just. A political joke really because he's not getting daily briefings oh. He's status is just a status thing get he gets to I guess it, gives him credit credibility so we can go on CNN. And MSNBC, and, be a paid spokesperson that sort of thing Dairy critical of the president of the past few months exactly? Right all the president treasonous? Yes you know I mean so so yeah why, wouldn't you revoke his security clearance right. You, don't need it anymore you're retired you're going to give security, Clarisa somebody who doesn't apparently trust the president to begin with who's against what the president is trying to do. For us actively lied He said that. They, did not, use the fake dossier to get the FIS of warrants that. Was an. All. Out lie. Under oath before congress I. Think, should be in jail. We would be less safe with him having security clearance at this. Point. It is six twenty two here, on the tide of Don. Show mcraven you know and the connection. He's, he's, pretty upset about all of. This well you know if you wanna just do. That symbolically to have your clear it's revoked. Okay go ahead I think we'll be. Fine listen the Austin school district they're implementing. A. Clear bag policy for all sporting events this. Year. Wow it's all at the major. Stadiums burger Delco house part field no exports complex that means regular backpacks no. No. No. Diaper bags or large. Purses, and other, traditional bags, will not be, allowed you gotta have one of those? Clear? Bags this policy goes into. Effect August. Thirtieth I guess that's before the first football games right but there you go state policy at UT yes got to have a clear bag you've got to be Able to see everything. You, got well it makes sense because, you know if they're going. To have to be going through purses. And, bags, obviously that slows the flow. Down and makes the situation less safe good just. Hold up the bag look in it boom. You're some unmentionable if you're a lady. You got some unmentionable you want to hide. Well. Just don't put your thong in their sister. Knows. All I can tell you put. It inside another bag I don't know you just gotta think about going to sneak my liquor into a high school football That's always been the the dilemma Five, one, two. Eight three six zero five nine you're. Gonna get more on that overnight police involved shooting with APD coming up in the news at. Six thirty interesting op Ed piece this morning as well. In Bloomberg about American policing. Today this is by, gene O'Donnell he's a retired officer and basically the headline is why. Cops are standing down across America I put this on Facebook noticed that the president of. The Austin police union he posted it on Facebook and we shared it, and so there you go at American policing according to, Eugene, O'Donnell, in, this, op, Ed, piece. Is in a state of slow motion. Collapse struggling mightily to attract new officers no matter how low the standards are dropped now under sustained assault by city councils pundits self-styled civil liberty advocates. A new generation of cops. Is being conditioned to, avoid showdowns with civilians especially where coercion of force is called for He goes. On to say we could have saved the costly investment of body cameras, by simply telling cops two words do nothing There's more to this piece it's, pretty shocking Real quick rake? In west Austin Rick what's. On your mind Yeah just what chat a, second. About the security clearance Yeah Gruesome gander. Story, basically you lease the military with a top security. Clearance it goes, away but what we what we have is the deep state politicians have a way to continually make money beyond their league of office with zero. Accountability Yeah that's the biggest problem why I don't understand why they wanted ever been allowed to engineering security clearances There is no accountability Me with. Where they talked to? What about the fruit that's a huge problem regardless? Of. Your. Party affiliation absolutely Rick. You're spot on. Man I appreciate it it is six twenty five top stories in, just four minutes.

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