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Special events Like weddings or you know major website launches When all was said and done our client enjoyed a significant increase in traffic which we were also well prepared for and an increase in average order size A sweet result indeed For complex ecommerce sites digital marketing UX and more talk to the experts at American Eagle dot com Don't just grow Sore Good morning it's 5 O 8 Michael and son spring AC tune up for only $49 Traffic and weather on the 8th year and Jack Taylor it's dark and early how's it look on the road You're as well for now at least most of our overnight work zones have cleared We do have one in Virginia still with us It's on 66 headed west as you approach and pass the beltway Got just a right lane getting by eastbound though looks good Gainesville headed back toward Rosalind No early troubles out of Fredericksburg on 95 getting out of Springfield north on three 95 you look good up to the 14th street bridge Four 95 good to go No worries between Alexandria and McLean For that matter you're fine in Maryland through Montgomery and prince George's county's inner and outer loop Frederick south on two 70 with that issue If you're heading up toward liberty town in union bridge couple issues both on 75 both directions between Jones road and south street Unfortunately we'd had some downed polls and wires through the overnight with the big wins Then we'd had a crash with a vehicle off the roadway overturned on 75 up near union bridge between Dara road and rep road You've been under police direction the roadway had been blocked Now we're quiet between the beltways on 95 and the BW Parkway quiet across the ICC good start coming in off of 50 bay bridge through Annapolis and buoy headed back toward northeast The bay bridge is operating with wind warnings in effect but no vehicle restrictions On the rails early this morning Mark Penn line trained 5 O 5 running about 20 minutes late early this morning due to late arriving equipment Parenton supporting national security on this planet and beyond by doing the can't be done Visit periton dot com for more info Jack Taylor WTO P traffic My extender forgot the forecast for us this morning Warm weather is gone for quite some time Look for a mixture of cloud cover and sunshine today Breezy and cooler highs out of mid 50s but that's right where we should be this time of.

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