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Storms late a high of Eighty-three Thursday partly cloudy storms late a high of eighty Friday mostly sunny a high of eighty three Saturday mostly sunny high of ninety degrees in Waukesha it's seventy. Six in the walkie at seventy three degrees All right. Let's do this we got the main man bucks president Peter Fagan is. With us this afternoon Hello, Peter how, are you man fantastic I see, you, got a, big old, key today it's official you. Have the arena you even dressed in a. Very nice suit drives wearing a tie and. The Friday don't think the key actually fits any door That is a big key Have you ever gotten the key to a building or a? House like that before now I think anybody new right mind would never give me a key to anything It's? All retinal scan anyway that's all they're doing these days Peter you'll be fine Yeah Hey, Peter congratulations on. That that's a big deal Pfizer. Forum we're all super excited about. That and part of what's going to happen down there as you guys have decided to make the entire arena district smoke free and you're getting a lot of high marks for. This? Why why that? Decision Well. I, think it's just a natural evolution we followed the. Lead of some great folks who have developed you know big public social areas I think for us dab really a healthy community. Is is directionally where we wanna be kind of open and free for everyone shows as we? Built, the citric yeah whatever anchor tenant happens to be freighter Nevada center we, obviously. Want to check all ages and we really, want like kind of, that healthy baseline, like in and, around the environment how many other arenas around the country have. Done the same thing that you guys, have done well I think Sacramento set a good direction like in. And, around, their district Brooklyn. I can't tell you if it's. Like Brooklyn's like just an arena. The Barclay center but they too like surrounded the building kind of with the no smoking zone and we just thought as a neighborhood it made sense to solve it to the. Borders? Of the neighborhood President Peter Fagan is with us on. WTMJ was this a tough decision Peter or relatively easy decision a, very easy decision I think like as. We start to evaluate kind of a lead certification where we, are sustainability, where we are kind. Of messaging to the community, and kind of health we just thought it was kind of in lockstep with the world is going you know Peter we've been hearing. So, much about the concerts and all the great events. Coming we were all wondering one the bucks what actually play a game and we've learned that to the bulls have become into. Town to crank open the preseason no fun unless you have a both preseason game it'll be? Rocking, it's a good audition for opening night which we should have the schedule, relatively. Soon what we're excited about the NBA kinda, hold us all off, you know till, the middle of, August to to get a schedule but I can tell you. I I rarely get excited for scheduled, release I've never been more anxious ever to see game one and And the entire season in this new arena so October, third the bolts come for, a, preseason game Peter did you petition the. NBA to open the season in the new arena at home I think we've, petitioned the NBA, from everything from an all star game to all eighty eighty, two games. At home yeah anything, you can imagine I think I think much like everybody else, in, my life like the. The the least the less I do the. Better in in asking you, know so we we went we went hard line in in telling me to be quiet Adam. Silver and the league we actually get. Like an advantageous schedule Peter I follow. You on Twitter and we've been. Talking a lot about athletes and famous people on Twitter because of recent events I want more Peter Fagin. On Twitter, you, re tweet a lot original thoughts we need. More Peter Fagin tweets it will not get it and you are so rare and Here, the outlier like the rest of the world does not need more Peter Fagan and you're like. Me Peter Peter Fagan owners say anybody. With a semblance of sanity says is. Way over exposed so I think. It less is more yeah I'm not I'm not buying that Peter with. Respect to the Pfizer people is it okay that in closed circles, I refer to the. Arena as the four one forum is. That, okay is. Not okay thank you All right cross that off the. List Peter Fagin. Bucks. President what a great. Week for, you. Guys. Peter thank you so much for being with, us, safe Peter really good we can't appreciate the. Support John gang we really it fantastic thank you so much all right Peter okay news about your money on this Tuesday. Afternoon Brad Allen, with WTMJ Drake and associates market update US stocks rose today after reports said. The US and China is seeking talks to resolve, trade conflicts between the two countries the Dow Jones, industrial average rose one hundred and eight points with three m., Caterpillar and. Bowling some of the best performing stocks in the index the s. and p. five hundred gained point four nine. Percent is industrials rose and the NASDAQ composite advanced point five percent Bloomberg news reported that the world's largest economies are trying to restart, talks, in order, to, avoid a trade war the report would say to. People familiar with the situation said the US and China, are talking privately about the matter in, corporate news lumber liquidators Holdings Inc Saint more than twenty percent today after reported surprise second. Quarter loss Revenue was ahead of expectations to portly Mexican grill fell six point seven percent today after complaints. In Ohio of food related illness the Brita chain briefly closed down one of its restaurants in Powell.

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