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You would just like he was like a jason priestley style luke perry shoe excited when i came in here but boy why are you have a moustache again erin and i did a movie that i had to grow a mustache four and i kinda just like they're into are you really you can you know i want you to be honest really growing my mustache out so that this part will get really long because i only go west right longline jonathan i really actually do want you to be completely honest with me gene shove your faith on my butthole okay with it so i love it and like eat my ass i wanna know why you're bringing chris isaac i just saw picture of them and i was like i think he's still got it but that looks like an old picture yeah that's all high love like an older wicked game video that i think did herb warning is that video offensive now is a sexist because she does because she's wearing a lot of christians in his yeah that's right she doesn't have a sure on and he's fully closed her fault that his body was probably all thuggery and didn't look no he was he was he was bill it'll be jason priestley or a luke perry if you had to pick one for a one night stand and fortunately that i was watching too much figure skating in nineteen ninetyone okay so who would have been who would have been who was your first like guy crushed celebrity and it could be an athlete it could be figure skater do you remember yeah probably like surrogate green coffee till he dropped dead i'm training on the ice with his wife katharina tragically in nineteen ninetythree that's sad i was really sad yeah the buddies like not oh george michael what those genes and that leather jacket i was like there was something totally totally video for what's okay there's a song that they sing about some kind of faith that was the one that really likes the really sexy one yeah well no is a win hit and it was it was oh it was one of the cana and the whole thing is you can tell that.

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