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The way tied at seventeen with nine seconds to go. The Nittany lions have battled back as it squeaks inside the right upright to overtime. They would go exchanging rushing scores in the first extra inning. And then on a third and two inside the five the visiting quarterback calls his own number again quarterback sneak they do. He's got the first down inside the two. Doc is J T Barrett. Does it again with a second effort? We offense searching behind they come into this twenty eighteen tilt as the top two scoring teams in the nation. Penn State, averaging fifty five and a half points. Ohio State fifty four and a half. They're both top fifteen in yards per play. The Nittany lions are a perfect twenty two for twenty two in red zone conversions with twenty one touchdowns and both defenses have been somewhat vulnerable in the red zone. Allowing touchdowns more than sixty percent of the time. Penn State's offense is led by senior quarterback trace McSorley with eight touchdown passes and two interceptions on a seven point two yards per attempt average mix- sorely supplements the aerial action with nearly sixty yards a game on the ground and leaves the big ten with six rushing touchdowns. There are just nineteen running backs in. The country averaging more than one hundred yards rushing five of them play in the big ten. Penn State's mile. Sanders is second in the league behind only. Wisconsin's Jonathan Taylor averaging one hundred twenty four yards with five touchdowns on seven yards per carry including a two hundred yard effort last week against Illinois. Ohio state's defense is allowing five yards of play and rates eighteenth in America, according to football, outsiders SMP, plus Nick Bosa is the big ten's sacks leader. But he's out until November with an injury. Draymond jones. Picks up the slack. Three sacks five and a half tackles for loss. Kendall Sheffield has been the star in the secondary with five passes defended including an interception redshirt sophomore quarterback for the buckeyes Dwayne Haskins has been flirting with peak efficiency over the first month of the campaign. He's completing seventy six percent of his passes on ten point four yards per toss with sixteen touchdowns and just one pick Haskins has been spreading around conviviality for OC Ryan day four Buckeye receivers. Average more than fifty yards a game lead by senior Peres. Campbell's nearly seventy five yards a contest and five touchdowns. And there are few better tailback tandems in the country than what the scarlet and gray have running behind their terrific offensive. Line sophomore J Dobbins is averaging yards and a couple of scores with a couple of scores junior. Mike Weber seventy five yards with three touchdowns. Penn State's defense ranks twenty second. According to football outsiders in his yielding just four point six yards per play. Sheriff Miller has been the primary havoc creator with six tackles. For lawson. Three sacks cornerback Amani or warrior is tied for the league lead with seven passes defended and two interceptions. Ohio State holds the edge in special teams ranked fortieth inefficiency compared to ninety six for Penn State. The Nittany lions however have been getting some great play from their returners. Andrea Tompkins is the big ten's leading punt returner K J handler is second in kick return yardage. In terms of average starting field position. Ohio State has had a seventeen yard advantage over their opponents. Penn State, plus ten per CFP analytics up next our conversation with the big ten's leader in touchdown, grabs Ohio states Peres Campbell. You're listening to compass media networks. Your.

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