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Model. We have with one exception so the mice died died. The mice are killed as part of the experiment. We're tracking their e._e._g. The e._e._g. Goes flat. That's what we'd expect. After some prolonged period of time. There's this burst of activity in the mice right. You're this does not correlate well with what that experience with the near death experiences in a minute. I might play you a clip but one major problem you have is the continuity of experience people you say as i was stabbed in the chest all of a sudden i was outside of my body. I was still alive. You know they hooked me up. Nameless i got to the hospital and then i died right and i left and i went to this place and then i came back and then i saw him resuscitate me there is a continuation of experience that doesn't that the little mouse model with the other thing about the little mouse model is the little mouse model and what you just said of what you hear all the time from the kind of shurmur s khanna indie eat a skeptic kind of thing is that hey i don't accept that the that the brain really is incapable of producing a conscious experience immune let alone remember like you said and we both agree the most profound conscious experience in your life right. I don't accept up to the brain is incapable of doing that in this state. Just hold on no no no. I'm not saying that you do. I'm saying if that's your position then throw the red book in the blue book. Throw them in the trash right because because you're then saying neurosciences full of crap they really know. We can't really measure what the what the the brain is doing. It doesn't mean anything 'cause there's these times when the brain can just completely be beyond our ability to measure it and it still functioning so so this is not an explanation that gets a table. Let me let me hold on one second. 'cause i'm gonna throw some throw an expert at you and okay because that's the the only way sometimes to get to the bottom of this is one of my favorite guys dr jeff long has written two really important books radiation on colleges you know so he works with death and dying all the time as part of his practice fulltime doctor who like so many of these. He's near death. Experience researchers just stumbled across this and it just stuck in the back of his mind. Cause i gotta get on with my practice going to become a doctor. I had an earn a living but when yeah i get a chance this is strange. This isn't supposed to happen so you know y- i had on the show and when we play you collect when when you're under general anesthesia it should be impossible to have a lucid <hes> organized remembrance at that time <hes> in fact under anesthesia. You're typically so far under you're with general anesthesia. They often have to breathe for you. You're literally brain shut down to the level of the brain stem <hes> and at that point in time some people have a cardiac caress their heart stops and of course that's very well documented on they monitor people very carefully that are having general anesthesia so i have dozens and dozens of near death experiences that occurred under general anesthesia and at this time it should be if you will doubly impossible to have a conscious remembrance and yet they do have have near death experiences at this time and their typical near death experiences they have the same elements and appear to have them in the same order as near death experiences occurring under after all other okay so let me jump in there. That's making a huge assumption that time recording in the brain is occurring at a natural pace that is also going on during our regular everyday waking awareness now one of the things you need to point out is the possibility that time dilation can occur and a lot.

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