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In the news this morning a new report says indicted former trump adviser george pompidou capitalists personally told trump at a meeting in march of 2016 that he could set up a meeting between trump and vladimir putin the report says trump did not reject the idea this morning trump talked with reporters before he went on his trip to asia telling reporters he could not remember or does not remember much about that meeting with papa dopoulos but trump is a in a twitter stormed this morning blasting hillary clinton and the democratic party this is after a political published an excerpt of a new book coming out from the former former democratic party chairwoman donna brazile in which brazil says she found proof that the 2016 democratic primary was rigged in hillary clinton's favor so trump wrote on twitter this morning crooked hillary bought the dnc and then stalled the democratic party a primary from crazy bernie he says that's the real story on collusion trump also wrote let's go fbi and justice department calling on federal authorities to launch an investigation it is illegal for a president to issue such an order us employers adding a solid two hundred sixty one thousand jobs in october this is a bounce back from the hurricanes that slammed the southeast in september unemployment went down to four point one percent from the four point two percent rate in september that is the lowest american unemployment rate in the past seventeen years chicago police say a man robbed two seven eleven's at gunpoint in the lincoln park neighborhood last night one of the incidents happened at about ten fifteen dean at the seven eleven in the twenty seven hundred block of north lincoln the other one happened about an hour later at the seven eleven in the twenty two hundred block of north clark the gunman is still on the loose nobody was injured in either robbery the website dna info and gotha missed both being shut down the owner joe ricketts whose children are the owners of the chicago cubs says he made the decision to shut down because he was not making enough money on the websites just last week.

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