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Position or your IRA's that are managed or your T. S. P. zero four three seven probably not that's why it's important you start to understand that there's things that we can do we meaning all of us as independent investors out here we're not working with Goldman Sachs when a hedge fund managers to protect against loss and is not a deep dive into how it's accomplished is understanding some basic simple concepts in the market and understand the different tools and instruments available to take advantage of it and most importantly to preserve our capital because if we lose it will run out of time we'll never get it back many times and the key thing is don't take big losses took small losses and have enough money and enough runway to get your retirement goals we know champ people don't do this for a couple reasons I either have fear that they don't think they're able to do it because the timer they don't realize that you know they think they have to have this high level of intelligence and a lot of times it's just a matter of going through a learning curve in understanding that you can learn how to protect this capital in capital preservation paramount in a market like this Jim that's why a lot of people have questions I mean a lot of people want to get the financial markets I don't know where to begin or maybe they're in the market they're trying to trade investor trying to figure out what does it look like to actually be consistent a lot of people have questions more about probability risk and leverage they don't understand you know how to get started which trading how to get alternately get that consistency and you know what for more information just give us a call directly we got no problem with that seven oh four two three seven thirty five forty five we get questions all the time where people want to get started in the financial markets or maybe they want to you know figure out what they can do with their markets and the accounts that they already have in place calls directly seven oh four two three seven three five four five at seven oh four two three seven three five four five and some will be able to answer those questions for you specifically based off of what you're trying to accomplish a lot of times people don't know who to reach out to or where to begin obviously have questions give us call seven oh four two three seven three five four five once again seven oh four two three seven three five four five this is adamant champ on bulls and bears news I'm Christine Persichetti primaries.

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