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Mortified funeral arrangements or announced for Retha Franklin, a public viewing will be held next week at Troy. And so I think they're going do multiple days because so many people want to come to this. And so there's some Aretha here they said that her music selling last week. Up. One thousand five hundred percent. Now, how about that? You put out a new record, write in Aretha Franklin dies, and you get beat by her music. Just hope. When you put the new that nobody dies. Same thing. Listen, I'm not gonna lie to you. My book is coming out. Please note nobody that I know. I know. Book? Well, yeah, because like Anthony board ended three weeks prior. His his dig. Oh, all right. Was like, don't die anybody. So after you pass away, barebones could skyrocket. If I received the money from that. The people in my will. Have you disclosed to that as big? So I think I said, all I know is if you're on life support, have to keep you on forever. Die. I'm going. I'm going to haunt the crap out of you. And if I wake up after he pulled me, I'm going to be so mad. So don't leave me on deplete my funds. So all your book funds are gonna go towards keeping you alive. Got it. We're debating whether or not they're gonna box in the trunk of this car. I don't think there's any way right? A will at Hoover. I mean, I feel like if he goes with the like I really need some alone time, how can you deny man that what's the other. Oh, yeah, I'm waiting for the car. They've ordered a car. How far away is the car? How far for the car. Two minutes away. Okay. So they hit the app and you push select and a car drives to you, picks you up? Usually you hop in the back seat. Sometimes like myself, I'll sit in the front. It's bit awkward, but I get so carsick that I sit in the front. The goal today is for lunch box, say, hey, man, you might have around the trunk and you want him to go with needs privacy. I I do. Okay. Lunchbox. That'll be your first one. I didn't hear you. Sorry, I was trying to come outside. I wouldn't pay attention that you need privacy to think. Okay. That's my. That's your first one in the car pulls up. They came in Ryan, the trunk, and he's, I think he's going to say no, but I just really need my privacy to think nothing weird. Okay. Okay. How far away is a lot of drive more a lot of people out about. Yeah. Say you don't need a Hyun view around all these people. We've got to be alone in the trunk. No windows. We are one minute outweigh one minute out from a will at Uber by the way you can always text the show..

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