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Executive cable exes Kevin Kaline report I've had the guts to do what needed to be done sailors county assessor Jack Zimmerman says his experience rooting out corruption in assessments as prepared him well to end what he calls the culture of back room deals as county executive but would voters like the assessor everybody wants to be liked but if I'm running for county executive what I'd like to earn is the respect and the trust of the people of this county I am proud of my record and I think it stands for itself the forty five year old Zimmerman describes himself as a progressive Democrat he served for years as Missouri state representative before becoming assessor Kevin killing Saint Louis is news radio came what's China is a tricky trade partner for Saint Louis start up even traveling to China there are many who believe that it's a mistake to bring one's own laptop or one's own smartphone bio S. T. L. done Rubin just got back from a trade trip there including to St Louis the sister city Nanjing the goal was to build connections for health care firms there and here but Rubin acknowledges that start ups on the St Louis side might be worried about China stealing their intellectual property hi res this very specific issue during meetings in China and I was assured that quote the national government will guarantee the value of our intellectual property but I have no idea what that means or how one would enforce that when one walks down the street you see intellectual property violations left and right I saw fake CBS's and Walgreens Nike spelled wrong but with the Nike swoosh but for companies looking for fast growth there's nothing like China what don medicine just invested thirty million dollars and a St Louis based a meta beak and with a promise to help get the disease diagnosing tech into twenty five other Asian countries remember the miracle on ice today a member of the U. S. hockey team that beat the Soviets is in a fight for his mental health he was part of the nineteen eighty U. S. miracle on ice Olympic hockey team now sixty one year old mark Pavelic has been found to be incompetent to stand trial on charges he beat a neighbor with a metal pole a judge in Minnesota suspending charges as officials know that Pavelic committed his sister says her brother has totally changed due to degenerative brain disease from all the blows he received during his NHL career Jim Chevy CBS news coming up at five thirty fresh perspective it is vital to the success of our police department outside review of the St Louis county police department has been ordered but who pays for it I'm Maria keno with detailed cable excuse time is five twenty four I Capital One you can open a new savings account in about five minutes and earn five times the national average five minutes that's less time than you spend arguing about how to pronounce get fully give or Jeff hard G. less time you spend trying to stick to your paleo diet this is the car brownies knoll brownies that's about five minutes to earn five times the national average savings rate this is banking reimagine capital one what's in your wallet terms apply we comparison based on FDIC national right to Capital One N. A. member FDIC five John party was born in may of nineteen eighty five index in California he started writing music at a very early age as early as age twelve and fourteen he had already started his band after high school he moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music in two thousand ten he went on tour as the opener for George Bailey his labeling on capitol Nashville he would release his debut single two years later today he's released two studio albums one extended play an eight singles that charted on the hot country songs and country airplay charts his albums of all time Grateful Dead live release in November of nineteen sixty nine lives it was the first official live album from the Grateful Dead the album was recorded over a series of concerts earlier in the year the van had accrued some dead with their previous album they want to fulfill their record contract and they want to release something more representative of their live performances so they decided to put out a live album it was.

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