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The approval want immediately change how patients with suspected concussions or other brain trauma or treated the test attacks to proteins present in brain cells that can leak into the bloodstream following a blow to the head research shows the test can detect brain injuries within twelve hours a yakima county judge has awarded a group of home health workers two point eight million dollars after it was found that they were regularly required to work extra hours without pay here's komo's frank lenzi the akram i a republic reports the judge awarded the nurses one point four million dollars in back pay for the time they spend working off the clock at then yakima regional medical and cardiac center the 28 nurses got another one point four million in punitive damages they worked in the hospital's home health hospice programs the washington state nurses association their union filed suit against the hospital in 2015 alleging they were only pay for eight hour shifts but forced to work additional hours without pay frank lenzi komo news yesterday was moving day for a young family in tacoma a day that almost didn't happen after scammer swipe several thousand dollars from them but after our story about the crime aired comas keith eldridge reports doors started to open to help them there's something missing from their front yard of this tacoma hallway stuff for sale side it was taken out as the icm's moved in so we have a little baby toddler bed in here and still flew serenity icm's little board dan's levy eta's parrots are moving into their new home we just by a kingsize bed it's a day that almost didn't happen after scammers swipe twelve thousand dollars that serenity thought she was sending in for the closing costs it's a story were first told you about the day habit i don't i don't know what to do any more at this point his loss is believe this cameras either hacked into the icm's email or the email of the lenders because they knew the closing dates all the names of the people involved and the amount needed and we're finally going on our home and then we just keep she says local attorney can gordon sars story at offered to take on their case for free and negotiated lower fees.

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