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All star game festivities example off the top of my head but do something to the guy who finishes dead last i it would be an whomever wins gets x number of dollars the charity of their choice the fans entertained somebody make some money as far as people in need and there's some humor to it i the homerun derby to me and my focus group of one i'm with mookie betts it is played out unless you get the monsters to go participate and that is not happening anytime soon i can't wait to see a great homerun derby which i believe is now firmly going to happen on monday and here the reaction afterwards if you have bombast and also going toe to toe to the final at bat then i can't wait to hear a muggy beds has to say about that because he's gonna be there part of all star week in all star festivities down to washington dc derby is not played out but at the same time you're not helping yourself major league baseball if more your big stars do not want to be a part of that you give ammunition to the mookie betts is in the infancy of the world who are being unamerican when it comes to not having a home run during mookie if you haven't seen him from from from the last preseason game he's fantastic it is that video alone of him talking about bowling yes with tim gershon and i can't remember who else was on call ravitch call that alone is worth know yes just getting to know mookie betts his personality and how wicked smart that dude is by guest joins us on freddie and fitz simmons they hit thanks to shell pennzoil performance line triple action protection for optimal engine performance with shelby power nitro plus premium gasoline isaiah thomas is of.

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