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Official. Welcome to your taxes show. This is our one. Probably to be followed by our too. I don't know who arranges that. But it happens just about every day we have two hours in the second hour follows the first and by the way. We've got a lot of news here. First of all in our one, which is in a couple of minutes. I'm talking to Arthur Brooks. He used to be with the American Enterprise Institute. He's now teaching at Harvard and I have to tell you he's always fascinating to talk to. He spoke of the National prayer breakfast this past year. And he talked about loving your enemies, and I want to ask him about that because the president said he didn't agree with what Arthur said. And then we're going to talk in our too. To our friend Jack Barsky. Now, Jack Barsky. He's been on this program. He was a KGB agent. We're not making this up. It's an unbelievable story. We had him on the program a while ago. He tells all the details, but we wanted to talk to him about what he sees as a former dedicated Communist Now living in the United States on being a Christian and loving American freedom and aunt. I'm having some dental work done during the program. So if you hear any drilling or anything just realized that I'm having some people work done. Okay. Now, uh, dress didn't even hear this drilling. It's part of the fun of living in New York. You have one is mining into the bunker. Someone is mining into the bunker. You found you some chicken news, you know? Yes, we dio so we believe, bought eight chickens over the weekend one to represent All eight members of our family, so six little ones and to kind of larger little ones. They're called pullets, which means they have They don't have the down anymore. They have feathers. So there, you know, a couple months older than the little ones and so they could be outside in a coop. Once they have their feathers to protect them. You still hear this noise? Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, that's that's the KGB. You're gonna have Jack Barsky on later than trying. I feel like crawling out the window and saying, Hey, guys trying to do a radio. I'm dating myself, but it reminds me of for although trying to get into Al Capone's safe, remember, they had to drill into it. Get if they get in here. Well, they're working on the building that they should start. At the room where we do the radio show because just to get out of the way, so I honestly kind of wonder what the maybe the re facing the bricks or something? I don't know what you know, it adds up. A sense of fun to our program. But we were talking about chickens and I think, Yeah, well, confused. May so Yeah. So, so anyway, the news of the day is we built a coop last week. And yesterday was the first day that we put the kind of more more grown up chickens the pullets into their coop, So he transferred them to their new home. So they slept out there overnight and we woke up this morning. To make sure they weren't eaten by anything and we build a secure enough and they were still alive. So that's great news. There's still alive. Wow, That's great, Mike. Mike, By the way, my chipmunk is doing very well. A swell I've gotta pepper for him for today. My question is, have you got any eggs so far when he when he expect to get eggs? I don't get eggs from my chipmunk. I'm sorry. Yeah, we get eggs will get eggs in a couple weeks, and there's.

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