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Welcome back sports star Jason and you know 83605 nineties, the phone number. Profit talked in just a moment. But in Maynor, it's Robert on cabbage. A Robert What's that mean? Hey, fellas, How you doing? Man? Thinks that my cold Friday, will you, Robert? Hey, So I'm a Texas Patriot fan. And, Hey, you guys were talking about that all sides if it hadn't been for I'm not having a challenge Flag, they would have seen that Camille was in. That would have been a touchdown. They would have had a bye week. They would have lost to, uh, tighten. So the pig. Oh, yes, It's him. It's him. But for candy in that tell you just to be clear. Robert. You are you rooting for Tom Brady and Super Bowl now? Yes, sir. I am. You know, And to me. I see it. It was it was a business deal. I think they should have kept Tom one more year, you know, give him some help. I think they could have won another one there. And, uh, Robert, What do you want to go? No hard feelings. Robert what you have to say about other Patriot lover Shawn's comments that Cam Newton needs to be back and he's standing Cam Newton. No, no, no, I didn't like Cam Newton. I knew it like now. That's not a good fit. Didn't like him and give him some time. And Robert. Thank you very much for the phone call did Hey, J. There's some breaking news involving this game. That's not really, really good. Yeah, it's also beside you to see it to go ahead. You want to tell everybody you want me to tell you? How do you do the awful news? Leave me out of it, man. Okay. I hate to bring Britt Reid. The Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, coach and son of the head coach Andy Reid is under investigation for driving impaired after police says he was involved in the three vehicle.

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