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You toss your phone in the trash. That is not a great plan and it can be against the law depending upon where you live. Many electronics have components in them that are not environmentally friendly, and they don't exactly biodegrade electronics might have toxic materials in them. In fact, most of them do stuff like lead or arsenic or mercury exposure to the elements would cause those chemicals possibly to Leach into the surrounding environment. And it ain't fantastic. So here's some examples of some of the stuff so lead toxicology can affect every organ system in our bodies lead can inhibit or mimic the actions of calcium and interact with proteins. The nervous system is particularly vulnerable and lead exposure can cause neurological damage. But typically in children, mercury is also nasty stuff. It's toxic to the nervous system. It's also toxic to the digestive system and the immune system. It can cause blindness. Muscle weakness, impaired movement and lots of other neurological effects. Arsenic is in a lot of electronics. That's a carcinogen that's associated with many different types of cancer. And it's also a neuro toxin. You've probably heard of arsenic and old lace? Yeah, popular poison among mystery novelists. It's popular because it's deadly stuff. Beryllium is another dangerous element that's in electron exposure to brilliant is typically pretty minimal for most of us, but you could have continued exposure due to maybe living near, for example, a recycling center. That's not doing a good job at containing the stuff that can lead to health problems ranging from skin diseases to what is called acute beryllium disease, which the symptoms are very similar to pneumonia. It can even lead, although this is pretty rare to lung cancer, then there's Brome naked flame retardants. This is actually a class of synthetic chemicals. They're designed to make. Stuff less flammable frequently. It tends to be incorporated directly into plastics. Some of them like PB d ez have been linked to numerous health risks, including memory and learning problems. Also thyroid disruption, reduced fertility, advanced puberty, and delayed mental and physical development. So we're talking serious consequences from some of the stuff that's inner electron IX. There's also the possibility that if you throw your tech away instead of it going to say a landfill, which is already pretty bad, they might go to an incinerator which could be even worse because then it gets thrown into a furnace and subjected to high heat. It can produce other pollutants. And those could all be released directly into the environment causing environmental harm and health hazards to the population nearby. Or maybe you take a different choice. Maybe you don't send it off to be reused or recycled. Maybe you don't throw it away. Maybe it just takes space in your home, but that's also not great. Sometimes it feels like it's the least bad situation, but you can find ways of have it, making sure your devices reused or recycled responsibly. I'll talk more about that just a second. But first, let's take a quick break to thank our sponsor..

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