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Hey everybody welcome back. We're glad you're enjoying these podcasts. I'm we'll trying to the host and this is from May seventh nineteen eighty two. We've got a great show show here and I know you're enjoying listening to him because we've had so many downloads in great reviews so keep up the download and and we appreciate the great reviews. The bad reviews. Well those go fishing being with Freida. If you know the Godfather Reference Anyway this is a fun show. Johnny starts off picking on the audience right off the bat calling him a little bit confused at times and then he goes into into some ex wife jokes with Ed McMahon. It's funny that when I listen to these things Johnny does like to pick on people around him In many cases said in some cases in in this one. It's Tommy NEWSOM. Now Tommy newsom. Was the saxophone player. Who filled in for DOC DOC was off working but Tommy was always quick with a dry comment meant and I enjoy it when he's on the show. Another thing about Johnny is when the audience is not completely with him on a joke. It's funny how he will always kind of Prod the audience against to come around. You Know He. He was great at saving joke. A joke went down the tubes in you know it happens to the best of us. Johnny really knew how to save it and make it work. And that's one of my favorite things to listen to these podcasts. It's funny there's there's topics on the show and think back this one thousand nine hundred eighty two now. There were the discussions of putting prayer back in the schools there were discussions about the EPA. Being out of business and of course there were talk about trouble and violence in the high schools and we even have a reference to relaxing the clean in Arab bill. It seems like everything in history kind of cycles over and over again. So we're going to get to this. PODCAST is a An interview with Frank Hill. Who is a man who specializes in making things outta manure? He's very funny has a lot of homespun humor in his approach and he gets off Zinger on Johnny Right off the bat that you'll get a kick out of then we have a classic Mighty Carson Arts players the mighty carson art players were Sketches that Johnny did with various members members of the troupe as we call it was Theresa Ganz Zell. There was there are a number of actors that played in the Park Carson art players. And they're always go. This sketch is a really a favorite of mine. This is a press briefing where Johnny plays Ronald Reagan and And his meeting Jim who comes in to tell him about an upcoming press briefing. It's really an Oam is if you you know Avocado Stella's who's on first routine. This is a very clever Tribute to that very bit so give a listen enjoy the monologue and as always I thank you for listening and we'll see on the other side and now ladies and gentleman Johnny they are please please please. Please don't stop. Don't you hate to big laws like that. Thank you that ovation I. I'd like to bronze this audience but I see they're already stone Friday night. Crowds are usually our best crowds. And so this is your chance to prove that tonight and keep the record going. This is the The tonight show because she didn't know sometimes.

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