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Do you think godfrey she cannot keep them out shut he really can't yeah she's like me say hey i told you know throw a curveball a what she's gonna definitely want to claim because it's this way if it works then she's gonna want to claim credit for it and she's not going to just tell people in the diary room she's going to tell somebody in the house are maybe two people or maybe three people but then one of those people is going to tell somebody else and eventually the whole house is going to find out so anybody cares when you switch a vote finnick when people care is win the full actually has some sort of consequence to the outcome of the game right if it was like a five four vote or a six five somebody wins by one vote then people are going to be like who the hell did that you almost win the plan but when the vote was almost unanimous except for one person then like i don't feel like people are really going to even want to spend time investigating they gonna sue more l you know maybe somebody spotted the wrong way awesome i think it's not as big of a deal when it's not jury yet like if it's jury and people see you obviously you know trying to yeah exactly you're trying to pander to the jury trying to get votes than people might give you the side i like hey we all decided we were gonna vote this personnel but the fact that it's jerry i feel like no one's really gonna care.

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