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The Continental Ironworks and Greenport, New York. For battle during the Civil war. Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany. One of being a very, very happy day for the world. The year was 1933. Also during that second World war in 1945, a Soviet submarine torpedo the German ship MV will have goose bluff in the Baltic lost more than 9000 lives, most of them war refugees. The Tet offensive began during the Vietnam War. Communist forces launched a surprise attack against South Vietnamese towns and cities. 1968 January, 30th. 1972 13 Roman Catholic civil rights marches were shot to death by British soldiers in Northern Ireland. The day that became known as Bloody Sunday. An estimated two million New Yorkers turned out for a ticker tape parade honoring American hostages freed from Iran. January. 30th 1981 Famous folks celebrate birthdays. Besides Phil Collins, the great actor Gene Hackman is 91 actress Vanessa what Redgrave celebrating a birthday country singer Jeannie Pruitt. Also celebrating Boris Spassky, who was a chess grandmaster. Master is 84. Dick Cheney is 80 William King from the Commodore's turns 72 Phil Collins. We mentioned actor Charles S. Dutton, also celebrating Curtis Strange and World Golf Hall of Famer. Having a birthday on this January 30th. Actress comedian Brett Butler. Jody Watley, still looking for a new love at the age of 62. The king of Jordan Abdullah, the second celebrating a birthday And the King of Spain. Felipe the sixth. Also celebrating it's a day for kings. If you were born on January, 30th, you could possibly Be a king. Carl Bro, Mo from my morning jacket celebrating today. You know, And if you are celebrating Happy birthday Of the anniversary of your birth. Give us a shout, Let us now. You bring the cake? We'll bring the balloons. Coming up on 5 42 will get you going to forecast and Wow, it's an interesting kind of weather day. Weekend that will be experiencing and sports and just moments here on 700 wlw bill, cutting him here and I need your complete attention. Now you can also.

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