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An award for caring the least the senior writers award that he went to quote great lengths to commit electoral fraud also in the comments below his Facebook confession and my conversations with some of his classmates no one else seems at all invested at this point and you won or lost we all were just dying of laughter delusions Shiraz port was awarded class clown in two thousand seven he says he and his friends were not the least upset reading Michael's Facebook post we just kind of laughed and joked about this and I have some friends that live with it all you know like you would you do to get you like you were the one who should have gotten it yeah exactly but yeah currently the deep state senior superlatives who will counsel got to us did it make you question whether or not you were actually the class clown I think for sure a one I have fair and square I think so I like to think I was funny back in high school is like five two very short and like look very young for my age so all I had was a personality circle that's all I could do pretty much everyone I talked to felt this way since there's no way of really knowing they were like sure maybe somebody else got a superlative they should have gotten but mine was totally deserved my girlfriend and I won cutest couple this is David the god near he's a nursing student in Colorado now and not for sure wasn't great because you.

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