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What he walks with a walker now because his knee was so broken lawsuit we have this lawsuit so the case is going to wrap up today and i am hoping that i am hoping that the judge does the right thing so if he wins well then the he'll get money presumably to never use these imprison no but you you're the guy because you know when they go both people talk on fox they're all lawyers and they never they never i don't know that any of them have practiced except for judge napolitano of course who has been like a very esteemed judge in the state of new jersey you should go to las well you know i'm not going to do that i've noticed higher to take on another one hundred thousand dollars tuition but and do wanna thank i had another matter in federal court yesterday in the same court house that i can't talk about what but hopefully next week i can't but it's a federal court case i do want to thank god i can't say so town but i do want to thank matthew mary magistrate who represented me on this matter a case you said well i can't discuss what it is but i will as soon as i discuss it i have quite a bit matthew marriage is absolutely your lawyer so this is an i'm pretty sure he represented me for free well he wasn't representing me at the time but now the deal there at michaels the very last minute but how about unique exactly so i'm not sure if he's sending me a bill but if he is then i will watch it was fun he said he's telling people he tweets to people yesterday he'll be in federal court all day he has to surrender his phone if you need to get in touch with me just beat me i felt like i was in nineteen ninety three whether the bureau prisons was negligent but witness after witness this guy kept saying well isn't it true that mr what are you struggling with.

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