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And then and i think i think there needs to be like one of those like at like sex in city movies loved. Do where it's like six months later. We still like a montage of how like what everyone's done wrap things up. Maybe they're all getting together at the very end like lilies prom or like one of their prom. What what's a seminal event for them. Yeah i think it's like our lillies twenty first birthday. Yup and finally. She's only she orders like what's a cosmo or something Cosmo so i think we see like miranda go back to work and be like. I can't work for this corporation. It's too big. These corporations are getting too big. The money's too much. There is such a thing as too much money like i resign and we see charlotte the like garlic. Did you film anything like like you. Talk the reality show producer. I don't think. I just wanna be regular mom not a tv mom anymore. Yeah totally yeah. She's like you know what. I actually didn't film anything for the first time in my life and it was a really powerful experience and i think she is new filming like not kind of thing and then here heree en- kyrie and big like they're sort of like he's like i realized how bad it was again. A step up to the plate baby like you know. I love you more than anything like he agrees to do like couple. They decide to do couples therapy. Maybe you see them like dangers in our entire relationship. We've actually never talked about things that are going on until it's too late and she's like this keeps happening to us. Now are in couples. Therapy got there. Like we could even do. Like a mr. And mrs smith things where he's talking and then she's talking and you see that they're in the same therapy of love and then also is writing like an apology book and it's like i got started on my new book and it's sort of like forgiving. Your own passed. Yeah or she could be working on her first piece of total fiction like cy fi like she and it's all based off of j. rolling. Yeah she has a full blown hurt. Maybe her sci-fi book is also about to come out the same weekend is like lilies twenty. And it's like amy sedaris calls her up and it's like it's a hit. It's a hit hit hit. You're the number one new york times bestselling author and it's actually nahimana. Carrie bradshaw book but under a stage. Name mortally see what was big last name c. b. preston yes cb preston. It's literally like the next harry potter. Yes and she's like done with the branding hustle like she's like consumerism like materialism capitalism. I've had enough. I'm just gonna write like bats with they've all learned yes and then just like honey you all want to like. Y'all say money isn't good. But i'm pretty happy with it. Like the ipod still like able as they. I love toasting a game together. Everyone is happy at her twenty first birthday party and she comes down and they're like can be have for you in the lagos cosmo..

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