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NewsRadio nine fifty. Good evening. I'm Greg Allman. Brooke Allen our top stories at five fifty one three. More confirmed cases of the measles in metro Detroit today, including two in Oakland County and one in the city of Detroit it now brings the total number of cases to forty-three attorney general William Barr deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein expected to release say redacted version of special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia report nine thirty tomorrow morning. President Trump believes very strong things in his words will come out of it. CBS news with more and alive reported six o'clock a tour tragedy in Portugal officials there say bus carrying fifty five people rolled down a steel hillside on Madeira Island, killing at least twenty people the victims include seventeen women and eleven men most German tourists, a cause of the crash has yet to be determined WW news time five fifty to tie for Jeff Gilbert, car chronicles. It's the next step for Lincoln this Jeff over with the core. Chronicles today from the New York auto show, all new Lincoln corsair. The Lincoln corsair is a smaller issue to go along with anonymous navigator in aviator Lincoln. We know who we are joyful lodico is vice president in charge of the Lincoln brand you kept hearkening back to Lincoln. We know who we are who are you? Well, we are American luxury with our own unique brand identity that we call quiet. Flight quiet flight means an American kind of luxury offering.

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