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So you have all these do's even though they'd have agrees great back. Rounds. They're probably not in the positions that these should be in. There's no competition for their position because they're the founders of the companies. And what I think that we have to do is look at the lower tier. The second tier of people when it comes to run these companies. Because usually sometimes I must say usually it's that one person that they hire to get their shit together that operation do that comes from an obscure part or skewer business, and they're putting their expertise in streamlining operations, or you know. Manufacturing or or hospital hospital streamline operations into their business that actually get the shin done. So I, in my personal opinion, it's kind of like cutting straight through the CEO CFO CEO's and all the CTO 's. And going to the next guy's who's your operation director in where they come from. So Matthew, you said you said something pretty cool, and that got me to thinking about bringing average dudes in to run a company, you know, hospital service, whatever, right? And it got me to thinking about how do you get them attracted to crypto currency. Right. And it's kind of like this chicken and egg thing. Once I learned about the industry, I wanted to go all in, but I don't have my tack background. And what else can I do in this industry? Well, I don't know, but I can research and I can invest in now I, I love it. Like, what's the on ramp to get the average consumer? Is it mass adoption? Is that the. Is that the user interface is like, what's the chicken and egg? Does that make sense? Well, I mean, I think that's a good question, but I think that the it isn't about the tech. It isn't about the protocols is about getting people to understand that this is an emerging market. The average consumer to understand that this is a merging emerging field and they can use their expertise and they can put it anywhere in this field right now and people are hungry for it. People are hungry for the guy that can run twenty McDonald's in northeast Ohio because running twenty McDonald's in northeast Ohio, and being a district manager operator is a hard job no matter what company you're working for and they have a skill set. Now, does this guy really like working for McDonalds? Maybe he does. Maybe he doesn't. But if you ever wanted a career change now is the time to use his skills in put those in practice in one of these emerging companies and make their operations run smoothly, making the designer, the x. designer, the whoever, put them into this.

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