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Why the state in counties have tested trace teams to slow the spread and surging cases this Friday the governor will allow hair and nail salons free open hand on may eighteenth tunes and some manufacturers will be allowed to restart operations all on a limited basis Robert wood news radio que L. B. J. Austin's mayor says he wants governor Abbott's plan to reopen the economy to work but he's worried that things are going too fast nurse you've either says as the governor's plan to reopen the economy expands to more businesses this week and involves more people physically interacting there's a growing risk that the governor will be forced to hit the brakes my concern is is that how we push too fast and too hard to try to re open the economy and then we lose it all because we have to then step back to where we have where we have Adler says when it comes to barber shops nail salons he just doesn't believe there's enough protection to keep those workers safe John Cooley newsradio kale BJ and Travis county fifty eight people have now died that's up five from yesterday five hundred and seventy nine of the one thousand eight hundred and seventy six total cases are now considered recoveries of hundreds of new cases in the past couple weeks and on health authority Dr mark Ascot says they are beginning to see a pattern among people who are working from home including healthcare workers in grocery store employees we are working and I choose to do some part of the testing at construction sites as well because without the hot spot right now Kelso members like great kasar pushing for extra protection for the construction sector since many workers are illegal immigrants who aren't included in governor Abbott's order that allows people to stay home and collect unemployment if they don't feel safe returning to work and the Texas education agency is laid out for different avenues for seniors to graduate each district can decide which fits best at best interest the options include a fully virtual ceremony a combination of virtual and in person a vehicle only ceremony were people don't get out of the cars or outdoor ceremonies at our in person but follow very strict social distancing rules and it is five thirty four now if you look at Austin's on time traffic we do have an issue Spicewood springs road it is closed following an overnight rollover crash that involve days actually was a fatality crash here looks like this happened right near St Edwards park road so we'll watch out for that no estimate on win this area may reopen everything else so is a move along pretty well on this Wednesday morning let's get a look at your.

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