Barack Obama, Politico, Hezbollah discussed on Rush Limbaugh


The passage of tax reform and this is going to be huge not just in terms of achieving something legislatively in his first year in office but the substance of the tax cut is going to be huge the american economy is roaring the federal reserve new york city has raised their thereof their forecast for fourth quarter gdp growth to near four percent barack obama never exceeded one and a half percent economic growth by the way there is big news from politico over the weekend that's also being ignored politico and the headline all bomber let hezbollah run cocaine into the us in order to facilitate the iran deal getting done i'm going to create the damage this man and his administration have done to this country if still largely unknown and it will continue to dribble loud and we will have more revelations of it in two thousand eight the d e a launched project cassandra to track hezbollah's trafficking of drugs and weapons money laundering and other criminal activities some of which were happening in the united states as project cassandra carried on the obama administration through a series of roadblocks in its way political reported sunday when investigators sought approval for prosecutions arrests financial sanctions obama's justice department and treasury department delayed hindered or denied their requests it was a policy decision said defense department illicit finance analyst david asher it was a systematic decision they really ripped apart this entire effort that was very wellsupported resource that was done from the top down and it was all the make sure the iran deal didn't get derailed now the iran deal is obama's grand achievement of ensuring that the iranians will secure are a nuclear weapons in less than ten years if they're not already on the precipice and in order to not derail that obama told his justice department treasury department to stop pursuing hezbollah as they're running cocaine into the us conducting money laundering it's a bombshell it's a literal bombshell it nobody knows about even though it is in the political gotta take a.

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