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Bragging about it. That's a whole 'nother level of terror. The creators of Atlanta monster come season two. This is monster zodiac killer listening follow on iheartradio app. Weather Channel forecast for this Wednesday, scattered thunderstorms this morning becoming more widespread this afternoon, a high of eighty two and even more so this evening storms tonight. A lowest seventy one right now, cloudy skies, seventy four degrees. Seven thirty three at NewsRadio twelve hundred w away. I it looks like we're back to the beginning and the Trump collusion investigation after special counsel Robert Mueller road in angry letter to attorney general William bar challenging the conclusions of his four page summary of his investigation Mulder reportedly rights with the summary, quote, did not fully capture the context nature in substance of his work. But a spokesperson for the DOJ tells Fox News at the special counsel didn't find anything in bars March twenty four th letter to be inaccurate or misleading. Rather mother expressed frustration over the media coverage and lack of context regarding his obstruction of Justice analysis bar testifies before the Senate Judiciary committee later this morning. All the DFW area was pounded by monster storms last night. A tornado touchdown in Denton county, not far from the. Campus of Texas woman's university. No reports of injuries. There is serious flooding this morning in the Denton county town of Argyll. The national weather service says the storm system stretches from north of Austin all the way to the Ohio valley, we're gonna have a couple of more days. Severe weather potential starting today. There'd be a risk of severe storms over parts of North Texas, mainly perhaps creeping into southern Oklahoma. Again, large hail damage. He wins a few tornadoes. It'd be possible. The latest weather prediction for our area shows a marginal chance of severe weather, but we will see rain, especially this afternoon and evening. A thirteen year old North Texas boy who was pulled unresponsive from a swimming pool on the north west side over the weekend as died after he was taken off life support at university hospital..

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