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Haven't done that. It doesn't cost you a thing. Rate us review as well especially on apple podcasts. That'll take you all of like thirty seconds to do Would really appreciate it. A ben standings our good friend. He writes for the athletic. He's been on the podcast many times. He had an interview with ron rivera. And i'm going to read to you. just Two to three short paragraphs from ben story the head coach who has final say on personnel matters spoke with the athletic yesterday morning on a wide range of topics regarding the reigning. Nfc east champions when asked which plays most interested to see when the team arrives in richmond for the start of training camp. July twenty. seventh rivera didn't choose first round linebacker. Jamie davis or raining defensive. Rookie of the year chase young. He skipped free agent. Receiver curtis samuel potential. Starting right tackle. Sam cosmi and roster candidates in fact rivera didn't even really land on a person but he did land on a position. The sport's most important quote from rivera. Well first and foremost the most obvious person. We're going to look at is going to be our quarterback position and there's two people that were going to be watching closely closed quote then ben Rights after that whether you completely by starting quarterback competition angle. Rivera's pushed this off season. Those in the mixer now clear ryan fitzpatrick and taylor heineke not included his kyle allen a starter for rivera and carolina in washington before he had a season ending ankle injury in november all three participated in washington's. Ota's last week's three minicamp but rivera claim. Those practices didn't alter his view quote. I've always kind of felt that that. Let me back up quote. I've always kind of felt that way going into it. Rivera said of fitzpatrick heineke showcase Well i was obviously wrong about that was an i. Well i yeah. You're wrong but i'm wrong that that that to me. If kyle's healthy he might end up winning the number two spot interesting so he values terra heineke more than it appears that he values in more than we thought they would. What it what. It appears is is. They value taylor. Heineke more than kyle allen's that's what appear to be.

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