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The last time we needed quarterbacks before romo that if we think we're just gonna hit back to back to back i would think that probably wouldn't happen it's possible he other thing too is like you have just taken an entire offseason in an effort retool your offense be year new quarterback is he was trying to run tony romo's offense the last two years he did it pretty well i freak out and be like oh that's why de dez isn't here anymore because deck and then they'll throw all these other things out there and there are some things i don't disagree about with dak the dude has to work on his accuracy he's gotta get better he has to be a more accurate quarterback with a quick release and that's what he's gonna do better but i don't think that he can't be a winning quarterback in this league he's proved it he's proved to season straight that he can win football games in this league now one of the questions is are they prepared to to spend that kind of money is going to get that kind of a contract and steven jones at the golf tournament yesterday had this to say at that position kind of is what it is and you kinda when the time comes you know i know it's going to have a great year this year and as he deserves he was a fourth round pick no one deserves to get paid fairly more than he does and i'll see what some of the other guys are who are aaron rodgers who aren't matt ryan so you know he's he's going to do well and we certainly know that's going to happen we've got that planned in our our budgeting for the salary cap and i just want to go out and beat mvp this year the nfl that's what i want then we'll we'll deal with that so let's do that for that he this this is where i ask about the pressure.

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